I facebooked your mother!

For my first blog it seems strange to be talking about Facebook but if the truth be known it’s turned me into a blogger!

After 12 months using it I gave up Facebook just before New Year’s Day 2010….many reasons really, I can only describe it as the Coronation Street of the internet, full of gossip and half-truths (high on content but ultimately totally shallow).

Not being a particularly sociable type of person I found it hard being surrounded by so-called ‘friends’ most of whom (excluding family) where total strangers to me or at best just mere acquaintances. OK…that’s not the real reason I give it up…I hate anything that has built-in addiction tattooed right through it….every time I’d turn the f**ing computer on I was just compelled to log on to the old Facehugger just to hear people talking utter drivel….but that’s not the whole of it…..I’d found myself doing exactly the same. Making inane statements and wasting an extraordinary amount of time not to mention PIXELS!

I needed to find a medium and way of expressing myself on-line that had nothing to do with psychological mind games…..so, here I am blogging. And very nice it is too, the freedom to say what I like without fear of retribution or worrying about upsetting somebody’s feeling or worst still somebody taking what I say completely out of context and then throwing it back in my face(book) pun!  

The watershed for me was having to delete half of my so-called ‘friends’ because one guy totally misinterpreted what I had said…….it’s a bit like reading the title of this post believing the half truth and getting the wrong end of the stick…at least in a blog I have the opportunity to explain myself without being limited to the number of words I can use. and then spending the rest of the time trying to explain and justify myself to people who had already made their minds up about me anyway. It reminds me a bit of being in a pub and you just happen to be staring into space when some half-wit comes up to you and says “who the f**k are you looking at?” 

With a blog people have the choice to listen, pass by and read my words….Facebook on the other hand is more like a splatter gun of drivel. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t completely hate Facebook I just despise the addictive nature of the beast, and like all addictions it must be tamed…..Ummm OK first blog over and that was quite painless…..ps- This is completely carbon neutral relying on recycled pixels from Facebook….tee hee.

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2 thoughts on “I facebooked your mother!

  1. I am very hungover…oh yes and how I have missed you!! I am addicted to facebook but it is winter and I live alone and and and 🙂

  2. Hi Linda…..good to hear from you (I’ve missed you too!) There is no doubt that Facebook does have its merits…just my opinion thats all 🙂

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