I am The Prisoner….

We all believe in ‘FREEDOM FOR ALL’ but the stark fact is that from the moment we are born most of us live behind invisible bars. Our lives are determined by invisible forces before we are even conceived; imperialistic forces way beyond our control play us like puppets…..all this is random and chaotic . We can neither rise above it or successfully fight it.

So what determines our paths in life?

Have you ever stepped on the edge of a cliff and had that overwhelming urge to throw yourself over the edge? for me life’s a bit like that, I often wish I could experience that ultimate freedom and throw myself into the abyss…if only I had the courage to do so…….oh well one day nearer to death I go……..

These are the things you think about when you can’t sleep at night 😦

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4 thoughts on “I am The Prisoner….

  1. Linda pincer fingers on said:

    I love standing on the cliff edge, I don’t ever want to throw myself off though, what does that say about me do you think?

    It is imppossible for anyone to be truly free, we live in a money driven world, without it we are trapped, to have it, we must work…….the closest thing that I have found is to cut down your desires and then we are not as dependant on the trappings of life. Also, if you have a job that you enjoy you are more free than most 🙂

    ps going to Ireland on Friday 🙂 x

  2. Nicely put….in the twilight hours of the morning, the ‘hour of the wolf’ to be precise the mind plays funny tricks and you think in unusual ways. Almost like a waking dream questions of mortality come to the fore…not a bad thing I suppose….we all walk the line between heaven and hell so its good to be prepared 🙂

    I used to have dreams of flying……I now have dreams of falling…..

  3. Linda window on said:

    I used to have dreams of falling and now I have them of flying…? I think I am in a happier place now than then.

  4. and I think I’m just getting older and closer to death…lol 🙂

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