What about a day trip to Dubai?

I always laugh when this happens but every year is the same and it always seems to be around this time……we get about a dozen requests asking our availability for day trips to Dubai. I had to chuckle this morning when the latest batch of enquiries came through from the Emirate asking if we were available next week to fly out for a one day art workshop and fly back the following day….no kidding!…..it certainly IS one of the most eccentric places on earth 🙂

These enquiries take many shapes and forms but usually follow the same format….fly out, do the work and fly straight back, all within three days. The work can involve anything from doing caricatures for children’s parties to street art for the opening of a new shopping centre or trade exhibition. Most of them come to nothing and the people over there are notoriously difficult to deal with….but when they do happen they are such a hoot and a million miles away from the everyday mundane and cold of the British winter.

Philip Battle at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai 2005

Jumeirah Beach- Dubai 2005

I’ve worked in Dubai twice before (1997 & 2005) both during the Dubai Shopping Festival and I would highly recommend it to those new to live and performance art. It’s a great opportunity to meet artists from all around the world, exchanging tips and ideas. It’s amazing to think that only about 40 years ago this giant metropolis was nothing  more than a tiny fishing village in the Arabian gulf.

Dubai has always punched above its weight but it seems now the bubble has well and truly burst and seems to be lurching into financial meltdown: Fears of double-dip recession grow as Dubai crashes | Business | The Guardian.

Philip Battle at Jumeirah Beach 2005

Life can be just a Beach! Dubai 2005

 Doesn’t seem to stop them wanting to fly us over for a day trip though 🙂

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