LIVERPOOL- A capital of culture without even having to make the effort!

Those sharp eyed culture vultures amongst you may have noticed that Liverpool Open Culture have recently launched a new website and very nice it is too. More user friendly than the last site but still at the same address:

New features include the ability to share photos, upload videos, make comments, share information and act as a cultural exchange for the arts community on Merseyside.  Like all ‘community’ websites its only as good as the people who use it and its early days at the moment but the signs are looking good. Despite having a few teething problems with video uploads, leaving comments etc  I have been assured that this will be ironed out shortly; The simple interface is easy to navigate and understand and it’s the kind of website I like….without being bombarded by Flash animations or pointless graphical devices.

I’ve just put a little notice on about my blog and uploaded a couple of vids…..just a start but I’m sure I’ll be going back for more, the best thing is to bookmark it like me and build it into your daily internet routine….In my opinion it’s much more user friendly then say Kin2Kin and complements nicely with Ian Jackson’s ArtinLiverpool.Com

As I understand it Open Culture was set up by Liverpool’s answer to Richard Branson- Phil Redmond as part of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture celebration’s 2008 and is now mainly run by the wonderfully grass rooted Charlotte Corrie and Christine Grogan. We (UrbanCanvas) famously worked with Open Culture in 2008 on The James Carling Pavement Art Competition and what a stonking success that was.

We have designs to work with them again this year but that’s for another blog 😉

So what are Open Culture good for……well DON’T expect funding for projects, they are not a funding body but what they are good at they do extremely well……if you need support to make the right connections, help with marketing or advice on your particular arts project they are excellent. For newcomers, the arts world can appear a daunting and intimidating place to be….talking to Open Culture can open a lot of doors and avenues and talking to Charlotte and Christine is quite painless trust me!

Also last year they organised The Liverpool Art’s Market outside the Metropolitan Cathedral and at Christmas in St. Georges Hall, providing great opportunities for artists to sell stuff and people to buy art…….anything that takes art out of galleries is good by me. For me this is the essence of what 2008 was all about….local people creating culture…..we are blessed…..Liverpool doesn’t need the title “Capital of Culture”…it already is one without having the need to say it! 🙂

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