Whatcha got spinning on the dial Phil? #1

There is nothing I like more as an artist then to turn people onto new arts, culture and music…..things I’ve found enjoyable that I like to share with others. The idea that you can open a door and discover new ways of thinking. “Spinning on the dial” is my journey into sound, a method of manipulating the phonograph (playing CD’s basically 🙂 ) If like me your fed up of playing in the shallow and polluted waters of pop surrounded by the culturally bereft & deadly Simon Cowellfish….then come with me and dip your toes in an ocean of world music. Every so often I will be randomly picking a handful of albums from my extensive and eclectic record collection….remember there are many more fish in the sea, so forget the X Factor and the shallow seas of banality and join me as I dive into the Deep Blue…..just keep an open mind and you never know what you may discover 😉    

Legacy Album Cover

Guy Davis- Legacy Album 2004

  First up is Guy Davis: and his 2004 album ‘LEGACY’ Guy is a legendary blues guitarist from New York who picked up his ‘finger picking style from a nine fingered guitar player (no kidding!) I love this album….mainly accoustic country blues…upbeat and bluesy with a touch of bluegrass and jazz undertones. Highlight for me being the traditional plantation song ‘Run Molly Run’ and the self penned ‘We all need more kindness in the world’ You can read a full review of this album here and hear audio samples here     

Rimfaxe alubum cover

Gjallarhorn's 2006 album Rimfaxe

  RIMFAXE by Gjallarhorn a four piece Swedish speaking Nordic folk band from Finland. The theme of this album is the magic horse that often appears in Nordic mythology. This is world music at its best….surprising and culturally interesting…..before having this album, Nordic folk music was never even on my radar; I now find myself wanting to discover more. The albums title ‘Rimfaxe’ referes to Rimemane, the Norse horse of the goddess  of night and dawn (Nott) He rides the night sky and brings rest and tranquillity to the gods every night. His mane is the moonlight, and his foam is the dew that settles in each valley at dawn.  Gjallarhorn is Old Norse  for “yelling horn” you can find out more about this group here and listen to audio samples here  

Paloma Berganza- 2002 album; avec le temps

Paloma Berganza- 2002 album; avec le temps

  I love this album by Spanish singer Paloma Berganza who sings in the French Chanson style…many classic songs here from the likes of Edith Piaf, Georges Moustaki and my favourite Jacque Brel…this is perfect late night listening. you can find out more about Paloma Berganza and listen to sample tracks here 

The Rosinators

The Rosinators album 2003

And finally in this random dip I’ve chosen The Rosinators 2003 album of the same name. This is a  Bluegrass, Cajun, Gospel & Country Blues band from the UK. Formed in 2001, they quickly established a reputation for their raw, uncompromising mix of bluegrass, Cajun and gospel country. Love this album…you’d be hard pressed to think that this band came from the UK and not the deep south of the USA! You can find out more about The Rosinators and listen to sample tracks at their excellent website here     


OK folks thats all for my first dip into the big blue ocean of world music…hope you’ve enjoyed the trip and will join me next time for another journey into the unknown 🙂    

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5 thoughts on “Whatcha got spinning on the dial Phil? #1

  1. lindarry on said:

    I am listening to the radio right now and it’s really good!! just been out to see a right good play too, I love not having a telle so much!!

  2. lindarry on said:

    [paloma is well nice

  3. lindarry on said:

    she is making me sleepy though aahhhhhhhh

    by the way, Zara is going to Nepal in March for 10 weeks, living with a local family and working the land and teaching English 🙂

  4. Thanks for dipping your pinky’s Linda…..I haven’t watched telly for two weeks, in fact in my teens I always used to listen to the radio (John Peel mostly) every night and I’d be out doing arty stuff and don’t remember ever sitting around watching telly….that started in my thirties….like most things it came about with the onset of middle age 🙂 That’s Fantastic news about Zara….she’s a bright girl……Bet you’ll miss her though?

    Thats one place I’d really love to go…….

    I think she’ll be great; Give her my love and make sure she sends us a postcard!! xx

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