Your house is a machine for living in……….

“But what happens when you’re no longer part of the machinery and homeless often through no fault of your own? “

I went to see a splendid photography exhibition today in the lovely setting of Sefton Park Palm House. Called COLD SNAP! The exhibition was as fleeting as the images captured by the camera….it was opened this morning at 10am by BBC Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips and closed at 4pm today. So if you missed it that’s it I’m afraid!

Cold Snap Photo Exhibition, Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool

Catherine at Cold Snap, Sefton Park Palm House 5th Feb. 2010

What I liked about it was all the photos were taken by homeless people in Liverpool offering a unique vision of the city……photography can do this…a medium where instantly you begin to see things through the eyes of others. We are not talking about professional photography here looking for aesthetically framed and produced images…..these are largely untutored, honest and direct images of things that matter to individuals; people, things, places, animals.  They tell us a lot about a class of people who are often ignored.

One of the Photos in Exhibition

Insightful Portrait on exhibition at The Cold Snap Photo Exhibition, Sefton Park Palm House

Without the protection of the little boxes we call home…what is life like? This exhibition gives us an insight using the lens of another type of little box…the camera!

I enjoyed the mix of whimsical images taken in the park and some more personal portraits that reveal something of the humanity of the person taking the shot. The exhibition was nicely done with professionally mounted images and some nice quotes from one of my favourite photographers Henri Cartier Bresson. The event was organised by The Housing Options Service, part of Liverpool City Council and offering a free and confidential homelessness prevention and assessment service.

Snowscene landscape photo

A snowscene landscape photo at the Cold Snap Photo exhibition, Sefton Park Palm House.

But the thing I really loved about this exhibition is the boost to moral it offered to all the homeless people taking part….that one little thing that says YOU ARE OF VALUE and YOUR VOICE REALLY DOES MATTER!… and creativity can do this 🙂

Dog getting a warm!

Baby its cold outside......whimsical photo of a dog getting a warm in a 'Cold Snap' Photo exhibition!

“Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again” Henri Cartier Bresson

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2 thoughts on “Your house is a machine for living in……….

  1. but but but, why don’t we give the homeless people a home instead of a camera and support them whilst they deal with their problems/trauma and help them get back on their feet?? I have been there myself and it’s all bullshit, your on your own believe me!! Luckily I got my head straight and look at me now 🙂

  2. So true and its does beggar the question; what are the true values in this society when something so basic and fundimental as a home is so difficult to obtain and for some of us even harder to keep over our heads?

    Exhibitions like this do throw the question back in our face! Weather it changes anything is another question but as long as the homeless are ‘invisible’ society just doesn’t care!

    nobody wants you when you’re down and out………

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