Death of a Princess…..

Royal Iris press cutting

Front page of The Liverpool Echo: 6th Feb 2010

I read with great sadness in today’s Liverpool Echo of the fate of The Royal Iris, the once popular Mersey River cruise ship now sinking in the river Thames. I have fond memories of The Royal Iris from the 1980’s when she used to be hired out for rock n roll cruises down the river….in fact back in the day even The Beatles played the Royal Iris. Those days have gone sadly and it seems she’s now been left to her fate slowly sinking and rotting away on the Thames. The famed ferry has been derelict for some years now and became the haunt of drug addicts and down and outs and after many years neglect she began taking on water at high tide and is now half submerged at Woolwich. Built for Wallasey Ferries in 1950 and was used for parties- taking people’s minds off the post war austerity and the memories of the blitz….it’s a sad end to a much loved boat… I always enjoyed seeing the Royal Iris on the river and as a memory to her I thought I’d share this photo of her in happier times 1981 on the Mersey just about to dock at Seacomb Ferry terminal, Wirral.

The Royal Iris

The Royal Iris in Happier times on the Mersey 1981- Photo: Philip Battle

You can read the full Liverpool Echo article and make comments on-line here!

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