Whatcha got spinning on the dial Phil? #2

In 2008 we (UrbanCanvas) took part not once but twice in one of the country’s most ‘prestigious’ festivals- The City of London Festival– why prestigious; well it just happens to be one of the country’s richest events bankrolled by major City of London institutions and featuring ‘high end arts’  from around the world….anything from opera to world class jazz and classical arts.

The Art of CD's

City of london workers making street art- 2008. Photo: Philip Battle

One of our commissions was to produce a piece of street art linking into their theme of India- East meets west. So we decided to produce a piece of street art based upon a traditional rangoli style grid system using dots……something that could involve city office workers during their lunch breaks and bringing a bit of arts and culture to a dead and deserted office square.

Now we usually use recycled CD ROM’s for this kind of thing, you know the type they use to give away free in electrical hardware shops (AOL and that type of thing) but the London festival being what it is offered us literary boxes of CD’s…..mostly demos that had been sent to them from artists from every continent…..it does take hundreds of discs to produce a work on this scale and we were very grateful but at the same time felt bad about cutting up somebody else’s art (music) for a temporary street art instillation.    


Finished Artwork using hundreds of CD's and using traditional Indian Rangoli Art techniques

Well to cut a long story short we brought a box of CD’s home with us and in amongst the box of largely poor demos I found this gem….two albums by Moussu T e lei Jovents….. (Mademoiselle MARSEILLE – 2005 & Forever polida-2006) now I’ve never heard of them before but I am totally smitten by this lot!!

The album cover states:” Moussu T e lei Jovents invent the song of Marseilles anew to spread the message of Provence, a harbour turned towards the sea, cosmopolitan and proud of it’s history”

Album covers Mademoiselle MARSEILLE & Forever polida

Album covers Mademoiselle MARSEILLE & Forever polida

This music is a revelation, if ever your feeling sad or jaded then this is the perfect pick me up, full of life and honest integrity…..and you don’t have to understand French to get it…..this music transcends boundaries….I’m totally hooked on this band and I would urge anybody with an ounce of humanity to go out and buy at least one of these albums.

Now if you ever hear any of the stuff I recommend being played in your local supermarket or on the X Factor I’ll eat my own turds! 🙂

You can hear samples and buy the music of Moussu T e lei Jovents here! or go to their offical website here!

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