Had me hair cut and up-dated the website all in one day!

Oh yes…..for all you cool cats who take an interest in such things today as been an exceedingly good day of ACTION! 

Had me hair cut at my favourite barbers on Lark Lane this morning (a number 5 to be precise) so I’m back to normal now……and this afternoon I put the finishing touches to our business website…updating it for the 2010 season with new images, embedded videos, graphics and other bits and pieces…it does take a surprisingly long time to tweak things and get them looking the way you want, but I think I’m almost there now so that’s it for another 12 months, no point in messing round with it any more….PHEW!!

Now…..whats next?

If you want to check out our newly revamped UrbanCanvas website then you can do so here! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Had me hair cut and up-dated the website all in one day!

  1. lino print on said:

    please will you make me a right good website, mines shit!! hope all is well, all is well with me and Zara is going to Nepal 🙂 xx

  2. Oh dearly me Linda…..you won’t get anywhere in life by beating up young people who take drugs an shit 🙂

    Good stuff though….we could do with a bit of assalt and battery around these parts methinks!!

  3. polly doodle on said:

    I am off work next week, are you out and about, me thinks a Liverpudlian visit is in order? I heard tell that some tiles an shit were being uncovered?? Beating kids is therapy and therefore allowed????

  4. Good idea….I need to speak to you about those assalt and battery workshops, I’ve just had an idea…..when can we meet?

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