Cat people are cleverer than dogs……

A fascinating report was published last week by Bristol University claiming that “People who own a cat are more likely to have a university degree than those with a pet dog” amazing but true, its official; Cat owners are more cleverer than dog owner…..But I already knew that! having had cats for over 30 years, now that must make me the cleverest person in our street….dontcha know it?
Our Suki

In a poll of 2,524 households found that 47.2% of those with a cat had at least one person educated to degree level, compared with 38.4% of homes with dogs.

The study said longer hours, possibly associated with better qualified jobs, may make owning a dog impractical.

Our Rosie

Now this may seem like a pointless piece of research to you but to me its a good excuse to show you pictures of  my two cats (Suki & Rosie) and revel in my own sense of animal snobbery…… fact I just had a thought……I wonder if owning a cat makes me ‘middle class’ now…….Oh I do hope so….I’ve always been only too aware and embarrassed by my lowly status in life…. wot with not having no degrees and all that stuff and having a prostitute for a mother and all shit like that….are you with me brother?  😉

In tomorrow’s blog I’ll be showing you me puppies 🙂 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Cat people are cleverer than dogs……

  1. molly wolly on said:

    I have no cats and no dogs, I don’t like either and think they should live in the fields. In fact I think I should live in the fields. Since becoming midle class ( I have a degree dontchya know) I work less because people pay me more so maybe it’s just all a load of bollox??

    I am going to start a revolution to introduce free public transport, I feel this is a more usefull way to spend my time….

  2. Cats and dogs living in fields?….Laugh on line!!!

    your sooo funny Linda…..yep! tis a load of bollox thats why I’m gonna show you me puppies tomorrow night….lol x

  3. no but you do have a point…..the domestication of animals is a perversion of nature…… 8)

    anyhow…..did you tell me how lovely our cats are?

  4. polly doodle on said:

    your cats are super special (if you like that kind of thing?)
    Every morning I think “what a beautiful world” I am so lucky 🙂 should I do a blog? Aaron says they are better than websites??

  5. Blogs are great fun….much better then Facebook. I don’t miss it at all and I’m getting many more hits….0ver 500 last week, also unlike Facebook you never have that feeling of being ‘lost in the crowd’ because you know everybody is visiting to hear what YOU have to say and not half a dozen other people at the same time 🙂

  6. pill doll on said:

    I am getting bored with facebook too, there are a few people who I keep in touch through it though …..I could just email like I used to?? Anyway I have made a website this week so maybe a blog next week, I am so bloody clever these days!!
    I am coming to Liverpool on Tuesday, going to look at the tiles and lunch with my neice the “yak” at some veggie cafe then maybe look at some art, so might bump into you if your not tied to a tree or taking photos of baps ( I prefer rose testicles ) not weird though….
    stuck at work for a bit cos i am nice and am letting children paint their roses in time for valentines day aaahhhhhh I have no one that loves me 😦

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