Phil gets his baps out for the……….erm?

Yes well I’ve shown you my pussies and now you’ve seen my puppies, so I thought it was about time I whipped out my luscious baps! I know, I know, I couldn’t resist it anymore.

Now ardent bloggers amongst you may accuse me of playing to the gallery and the lowest common denominator but I just don’t care…… nobody can stop me now…. 

dontcha just love my wholemeal Baps?

I think you will all agree…….they are a lovely pair.  

Now the thing is; that by the time you read this these baps will have been well and truly eaten….ummm…imagine that…, eating my own baps…….does that turn you on? I know it does…..think of them amply filled with cheese and pickle topped with a juicy lettuce……..ummmm, and you can’t have any of it; you can look but not touch…..ummm, does that turn you on? I know it does! 

Pleasant dreams my lovely friends…… 8)

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One thought on “Phil gets his baps out for the……….erm?

  1. anyhow…..I think that extreme heterosexualism is a perversion 🙂

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