Harthill Copse is felled…….


Well my friends I can now reveal to you that on Wednesday 10th February 2010 Harthill Copse was felled by Liverpool City Council, acting on behalf of The Harthill Allotment Association. Oh yes and I am sorry to say that we have lost our three year long fight to save this area for the benefit of local wildlife.

Harthill Copse

Harthill Copse before the felling!


On behalf of myself I would like to thank the many  people who have supported us over the past three years….Councillor Berni Turner, Mike McCartney, Dr. Richard Burkmar,Councillor Phil Moffatt, Jean Goldsworthy (Surrey AG) Mersey Forest, The Liverpool RSPB group, Nikki Lark, Robbie Quinn, Kevin Curran,  Janet Pell (Landlife) Adam Graham Lancashire Wildlife Trust. The children of Broadgreen Primary School and many more people far too numerous to mention.

I only wish we could have done better for you but we failed miserably……beaten by the better team!

Harthill Copse now 10th Feb 2010

Harthill Copse now under the partial felling policy of the Harthill Allotment A Team!

So who are these wonderful people who have destroyed our lovely woodland for the sake of two allotment plots?

Well I’ve always believed that a person should stand up and be counted, not hiding under the shade of a felled tree or behind a false on-line identity ….so without further ado I’d like to introduce you to the usual suspects

Harthill Copse now 10th Feb 2010

Ooops...sorry I think you've forgot a bit...Oh, I see, this is the A Teams contrabution to biodiversity...two trees out of 50 left after 'partial clearence' 🙂

THE HARTHILL A TEAM!………..off the top of my head and in no particular order:

Barbara Rigby: Boss Head teacher and Harthill Allotment’s secretary

Carol Newby: Allotment holder and something else…yawn!

Mark Buchannan: healer of the sick

Phil O’Brian: Allotment grass cutter (and voice piece with no particular role!)

Peter Stowe: Committed Member

Emily Gerrans: Allotment Holder and part time actress!

Eleanor Martin: Green Party Member and Allotment Committee Member

Margret Gibson: Allotment Holder an shit like that!

Now I think all these people should be celebrating a great victory and proud of their involvement in this campaign, it was well run, positive and admirable….I take my hats off to them…..they have succeeded and we have failed which now means we are relegated or some shit like that?

harthill copse now 10th Feb 2010

This is what 'partial clearence' looks like 🙂

They have collectively reduced the waiting list at Harthill from urm…60 to 58 and successfully destroyed our lovely little Harthill Copse- WELL DONE! And congratulations……. I salute you all 🙂

Urm, or something like that…….OK I think that’s enough from me. By the way I apologize if I’ve left your name off the roll call of honor…you can always email me and I can put that right straight away 😉

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8 thoughts on “Harthill Copse is felled…….

  1. sadnessabounds on said:

    What a bloody shame, I can sense your pain and sadness, what a load of knobheads!! Unfortunately the world is full of humans who through no fault of their own are total morons and they seem to be breeding faster and faster and one day the whole planet will be reduced to a beautiful paradise free of humans once more, In the meantime we will have to be witness to it’s senseless and greed induced desrtruction.
    That’s what I think anyway.

  2. Nicely put Linda……for various reasons I’ve had to sit on this for a few days….It happened on Wednesday but I’ve been advised not to say anything….but you can rest assured….we’re NOT FINISHED yet by a long chalk…..these people think they’ve gotten away with it….just keep watching this space 😉 😉

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  4. Jean Galsworthy on said:

    You didn’t lose to a better team, Phil, they just had more powerful contacts, that’s how this world works unfortunately. How on earth a member of the Green party could get involved beats me.
    Best wishes,

  5. Yes that’s so true Jean, and we have been told a pack of lies by the head of the Liverpool Green Party who’s excuse for her involvement was that “she has a life outside of politics” now I agree with that statement….we all have a life outside……but morally it’s a bit like saying Hitler had nothing to do with “the final solution” because he never signed anything…….BOLLOCKS!!

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