To Frisbee or not to Frisbee…..that is the question!

Just read the sad news today that Fredrick Morrison, the inventor of the Frisbee has died at his home in Utah aged 90.

Frederick Morrison

Frederick Morrison with the Pluto Platter...1957

What a sci-fi hero he was……inventing an actual flying saucer!  Morrison conceived and developed his ‘plastic disc’ in the 1950s.

He originally called it the Pluto Platter and sold them at local fairs.

The platter’s novel aerodynamic shape allowed it to hover briefly or travel surprisingly long distances, kept aloft by its rotation.

In 1957 Mr Morrison sold the rights to the California firm Wham-O, which discovered that youngsters were calling the toy a “Frisbie” after the name of a well-known pie. The company changed the spelling to avoid trademark infringement and the Frisbee was born.

I’m sure the Frisbee was a source of many a UFO hoax in the 50’s and 60’s….being adapted to look more like flying saucers by adding tin bits 🙂 I’ve done that in my time……I also used to set fire to them, throw them into the air and imagine them to be UFO’s on fire and about to crash land……what a strange child I was……Oh, god bless my 60’s heart 🙂

The Frisbee was introduced into the UK in the late 60’s!

Rest in peace Fred and thank you for helping to firing my young imagination and my lifelong love of sci-fi.

You can visit the offical Frisbee site here!

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