The Waste Land…….

“What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish?  You cannot say, or guess, for you know only a heap of broken images, where the sun beats, and the dead trees give no shelter” 

The Burial of the Dead……. From TS Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ 

Harthill Copse

The WASTELAND and the "Partial Clearance" of Harthill Copse!

Today Catherine received an email from the Harthill Allotment Association asking that I, me-  “a guest  who you (Catherine) invite onto the plot; would remove the images, personal details and threats” From MY BLOG!! 

This refers to my blog publishing the names of the people responsible for the felling of Harthill Copse 

Now firstly when I read this I thought it was a joke….somebody, somewhere was having a right good laugh at my expense, but no this email was deadly serious with undertones of …do this or else written between the lines. And secondly the email stated that; “Members of our association feel intimidated and afraid as a result of the publishing of their photographs, personal details and the associated threats in the thread” 

Now at this I flew into a rage……..I’M NO F**KING GUEST I gestated, arms flailing and furniture flying across the room (OK I made that bit up but you get my point!) I’ve worked that plot at Harthill for over 14 years and they refer to me as a f**king ‘guest’……. but now this is the thing about Harthill Allotments!!!! 

I’ve worked that land for longer than the majority of people on that site and yet I have no voting rights and I’m basically treated like a piece of shit… if anything is about to get my goat up that is……also, this is my f**king blog, not Catherine’s…….anything I say here is my business. If you don’t like it then F**k Off…..That’s the freedom of ‘democracy’ Oh, and by the way I’ll be dealing with the issue of ‘democracy’ in a future blog 😉 

Harthill Copse

The Chipping of Harthill Copse

And with regards to “the publishing of their photographs, personal details” I haven’t ‘published’ anything……every link and photo is already in the public domain……if you’re on the internet then it’s as public as it being in a newspaper. Don’t cry wolf just because you’ve been named and shamed. Stand up, be counted and accept the consequences of your actions…..did you seriously think that the felling of Harthill Copse would put an end to the matter? 


And why on earth should somebody “feel intimidated and afraid”? I know if I was part of a ‘famous victory’ like the felling of Harthill Copse and I had the courage of my own convictions then I would be proud of my association with such a thing! 

It now makes you wonder about the ‘moral backbone’ and why certain people are now scurrying away from the bright lights to the nearest and largest stones they can find……surely they did this with the full backing of Liverpool City Council, The National Allotments Association and the Liverpool Federation for Allotments, so BE PROUD! 

I am….and I/we came off second best to The ‘A’ Team… 

I’ve been advised by **** ***** (Oh yes now there’s a revelation for you 😉 )  to be “measured and restrained in our statements.” 

So this is me being ‘restrained’ hope you like it 🙂 

………Because if I said what I really want to say I’d probably be in prison by now……… 

please rest assured that the views expressed in this blog do not represent the views of the majority of the supporters of Harthill Copse and are purely my own opinions and nothing else………sorry I had to say that for legal purposes…

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5 thoughts on “The Waste Land…….

  1. linda deadtree on said:

    Bullies are always cowards Philip in my experience. I have read all your blogs and found them very informative and passionate. If you make a decision to kill a load of trees then surely you have to expect people to be a little bit angry?? Keep up the good work, we should all take a leaf out of your book and expose what is really going on in the world. Change is needed and greed should cease to be the driving force behind decision making…..

  2. “Bullies are always cowards” Agreed Linda…..and so are people who hide behind rules and regulations and then ‘swagger’ around like peacocks saying “haven’t we done well” and “look at what we’ve achieved”

    They have achieved NOTHING….their victory is hollow and as shrill as the words that they utter……not content with removing the trees they are now gunning to remove us from our plots…. Why? Because we have exercised our rights within a democratic system to name and shame those responsible for the destruction of our lovely woodland…..something that we have felt passionate about.

    This fight has had nothing to do with allotment waiting lists or anything else for that matter….it’s been about a small number of allotment holders dogmatically ‘making a point’ playing petty politics with a disposable commodity know as ‘nature’

    What chance has the planet got when we can’t even protect small areas like this….the human race is truly doomed…..and a good thing too in my opinion!!

  3. John Lamb on said:

    Is this the Committee who refused on three occasions to give the time of the General meeting and vote on the felling of the copse? Stating a vote would be held after the communal clearing of an allotment plot.

    Is this the Committee, who initally refused to give a solicitor the time of a general meeting, when requested he act on our behalf?

    Is this the Committee who banned a supporter from voting because she had not paid her rent (she still had five days to pay).

    Is this the Committee whose Chairman voted for the felling of trees and then revealed he had not paid his rent either?

    Is this the Committee, who repeatedly expresses we are in minority on the basis of this vote?

    Is this the Committee who were questioned by Merseyside Police regarding the felling of two trees in Harthill Copse the slashing of another and the toppling of a plot holders shed?

    Is this the Committee who reported the Councillor (who had the balls to stand up to them) to The Standards Board For England?

    Is this the Committee who wrote to us by letter telling us to take all bird feeders out of the copse, and when we refused dumped them on our plots?

    Is this the Committee, with the Green Party Candidate, who voted for the felling of Harthill Copse in favour of ‘designated’ farmland? (this is her Democratic right but try telling that to the cattle ranchers in the Brazilian rainforest).

    Is this the Committee who in order to prevent us using the communal noticeboard, put up 20 adverts for the local cinema and then physically prevented us from putting up a wildlife report?

    Is this the Committee who set such an appalling example that the ‘pack’ were bound to follow;

    Tearing down 60 biodiversity posters over 3 months

    Ripping down 40 tree tags saying urban trees matter.

    Tearing down 50 wildlife stickers we placed on the copse boundary railings, on thirty seperate occasions. One allotment holder was witnessed with buckets and scrapers on Christmas Eve.

    Tearing down batboxes from the copse and re-erecting them on one of our plots.

    Vandalism of mine and a neighbours plot.

  4. And this is the committee who hides behind the word ‘democracy’ and acts like a tyrannical state….not content with annexing the Sudeten Lands….they now want to remove us from our plots! 😉

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