A special thank you to all our supporters………


 ………………….“I have been listening with interest to the on-going debate around Harthill Copse; a saved area of tiny woodland within the allotments in one of my favourite spots, Calderstones Park. a haven for wildlife and alive with bird song. It was with a saddened heart, therefore, that I wandered past and saw this scene this morning. The trees have been cruelly uprooted and the site flattened. A sorry day for our city and bitterly ironic, coming just months after our Year of the Environment.”

Harthill Copse

Harthill Copse in happier times.....

“I’m still totally in shock and disgusted by the felling of the Copse. Got really upset yesterday when I was in school and looking at the display I put up of the children at the Spirit of the Trees event. Still haven’t been able to find the words to tell them yet…. Staff at school are disgusted too.”

“I’m very sad to hear the outcome of this, particularly the manner in which the felling was carried out. I know how much the copse meant to you and I remember my own visit back in 2007 when I watched a Goldcrest at close quarters there. Biodiversity – and by extension all of us – need crusaders like you who value every little piece of habitat that we have left. If only we could mobilise such support for some of our other beleaguered natural places on Merseyside I, for one, would sleep much better.”

“I was so sorry to read about the copse today and angry that another little bit of heaven has been destroyed by short sighted officials who cannot see that when they destroy something like Harthill copse they make life miserable for so many people.  I noticed in the minutes of the NSALG that they were in favour of returning the plots to production, I was surprised in that the council has just helped Ashfield allotments (where the NSALG chair has a plot) to create a nature reserve including a pond.  What is going on in the allotments dept.? it seems there is one rule for some and a different one for others. Once again I am so sorry………………..”

spirit of trees 2009 harthill copse

Harthill Copse in happier times.....

“I have just been over to see the area and it really is horrible and I appreciate how you must be feeling. there were officers in the city council who did try and retain all or most of this area but ultimately the combination of the ***** on the committee and the ****** from leisure services got their way. I hope you don’t  give up trying and I would certainly like you on my side in a fight that’s for sure.”

“I honestly do not know what to say.  If you had told me this I would have said it was not possible, but having had your previous email I am totally at a loss as to why the council and the allotment officer were so unhelpful and destructive.”

“I can’t believe it….I’m so, so sad and angry, I just don’t know what to say at the moment. It’s an absolute disgrace and I can only begin to imagine just how dreadful you must be feeling. Thank you for caring and doing your best. You can do no more than that…”

“I was shocked to see that the copse has been completely cleared.  I thought it was safe after all your efforts.  Do you know what the plans are for its future?”………………..

rainbow over the copse

Harthill Copse in happier times.....

Just some of the many, many kind comments we have received from the supporters of Harthill Copse……The Allotment Association has always tried to portray us as being “very few” and “in a minority” but I can assure you now that this is far from the truth…..News of Harthill Copse has travelled far and wide and only last week a well known national gardening celebrity pledged their support towards our campaign!

I would also personally like to thank all the allotment holders at Harthill who privately approached us expressing their support to the Copse but who where too afraid to voice it out loud…..contary to popular belief 99.9 percent of allotment holders at Harthill did not support the committee. I understand why people would not wish to speak out and this is no reflection on them but in my experience……. if you don’t stand up for what you believe in then you become part of the problem…..history teaches us that……..

Many thanks to all our supporters…..NO SURRENDER!!

I’m sorry if your comment was not included we have had far too many to include in this short blog but I will be updating our Tinywoodlands site shortly so I hope to include many more on there together with photos you’ve sent us…..


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One thought on “A special thank you to all our supporters………

  1. John Lamb on said:

    Liverpool City Council (Sept 2009) stated that were 150 overgrown allotment plots in Liverpool, and there were insufficient funds to clear them.

    So why were these two plots ‘picked on, at great expense, to leave just three trees standing out of 50? A far greater number of less ecologically valuable plots around Liverpool could have been cleared at the same cost. Ironically this targeting of funds means that people on other sites will have to wait longer for an allotment.

    The answer, of course is political. This land was designated allotments and as such, once the Committee wanted them down, their continued existence protected by the Council was ridiculously deemed ‘illegal’ .

    The Council capitulated and cleared the trees. There is a moral here. Most rainforest destruction in Brazil is on designated land and felled under licence. We should not preach to the Brazilians when we can not prevent 50 trees being turned over to urban farmland, because of ‘landuse designation’. Green Party take note.

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