Do as we say…..or else……..

Oscar Wilde once said that “Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people”

Interesting that……..if you introduced the concept of ‘democracy’ to a bunch of baboons how would they use it? No doubt like a banana they would pick and choose the bits they liked and throw away the rest!

Democracy  is much more than the ‘majority vote’……essentially it’s about how that vote is counted. Democracy is also a word that people hide behind to disguise more sinister intent……If democracy where simply about the ‘majority vote’ then Hitler was right and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi’s) where truly ‘democratic’….how could they not be? They were voted in by the ‘majority’ vote!

So what is democracy I hear you say………well it’s a freedom of speech, it’s the ability to be heard above the crowd without fear of retribution, it’s the ability to stand up for what you believe in without fear of intimidation. It’s a place where everybody’s view matters  and were people should NEVER feel afraid to be heard and be counted.

So was the felling of Harthill Copse Democratic?

The Waste Land

The waste land that was Harthill Copse!

Well the committee said it was and so did Liverpool City Council but the facts speak for themselves… a bunch of baboons they have picked and chosen which parts of ‘democracy’ they wish to use to represent their cause.

Harthill Copse was felled with military precision. On 9th February Councilors and ourselves where told that  “the decision maker on this was the Secretary of State (& that submissions were to be made to him)”, clearly we were not told the truth by the City Council & that plans were already underway…..the copse was felled the next day on the 10th February.  

The waste Land!

The waste land that was Harthill Copse!

This whole issue stinks……there is something badly wrong here when a city council is telling lies to its elected members and ourselves. Serious questions also need to be asked of the Committee at Harthill who have run a concerted campaign of intimidation against its own members.

Right from the start they have tried to gag us and deny our ‘democratic’ right to protest by removing posters and stickers, they have organized a concerted hate campaign against its own members in an attempt to isolate us. They have repeatedly tried to damage and remove our property. And now they are threatening our supporters with action that could result in eviction simply because we had the guts to name and shame!

Why? Because we dared to care….because we stood up to be counted….because we refused to be treated like shit under the iron curtain of  their version of ‘democracy’

These small minded ‘democratic’ monkeys really did think that the felling of Harthill Copse would put an end to the matter……..

Well I can exclusively reveal to you that our campaign to save Harthill Copse is well and truly  over…..nothing to save now…..but our campaign to bring to book  those responsible and for justice has only just begun…..Join us! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Do as we say…..or else……..

  1. John Lamb on said:

    I spoke to the offices of The Secretary of State this morning. The Government Office of the West Midlands handle all allotment disposals in England and Wales. As of this morning (Tue 16th February) they confirm that they hav had no communication from Liverpool Council whatsoever concerning Harthill Allotments.

  2. Just as I thought….Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Federation of Allotment Gardeners and Harthill Allotment Association are a bunch of lying t**ts 😉

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