Goodbye Suki…….


Our lovely Suki fell asleep today: Tues. 16th Feb 2010

Our lovely feral cat Suki was put to sleep today…..she was suffering from throat cancer and the past two week have been difficult for her….we finally managed to capture her (for she was a ‘wild animal’) and took her to the vet yesterday……she died peacefully this afternoon and we brought her back home for burial.

Suki was a gentle soul, a timid and quiet feral who came to visit us over 14 years ago and has been with us ever since. In all that time she never got close to us, you could never stroke her as you would a domestic cat and she lived in her little cat house outside in the garden. She was every bit the wild animal who would run at every tiny movement you made. She was very much a cats, cat and made friends easily with our two other cats Rosie and Nanni and would play happily for hours in the garden…the three of them gallivanting around in a joy for life.

Rosie, Suki and Nanni

Rosie, Suki (in the middle) and Nanni enjoying the spring sunshine!

It’s amazing how attached you can become to a wild animal….although we never got close she touched us in so many different ways…not least the affection she showed towards our other two cats and her playful intelligence as she manoeuvred her way to the best spot in front of the fire on a cold winters night……

I shall always remember her sitting on top of the compost bin in the garden as she enjoyed the last rays of the mid summers sun and then off she would trundle to her cat bed under the stars for the night…gently snoring and dreaming cat dreams like only cats can do…….. Goodbye Suki…..we loved you so much and will always remember you xx

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Suki…….

  1. So sorry to hear about your Suki. She was VERY lucky to have someone who loved her like you guys did. My Mamita was just diagnosed with throat cancer which is how I found your site. Mamita is about 14-15 so she’s lived a nice, long life but I’m heartbroken. I’ll be giving her lots of love in whatever time she has left.

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