The 2nd James Carling Pavement Art Competition

We (UrbanCanvas) are currently seeking funds to run the 2nd James Carling Pavement Art Competition in Bold Street. The 1st competition was held in 2008 and was envisaged as an annual event……due to work pressures last year we couldn’t physically organise the thing but this year we are determined by hook or by crook to make it happen….for us it was one of the highlights of our European Capital of Culture Year 2008. 

James Carling poster 2008

James Carling competition poster 2008

 You can watch our excellent mini (14 minutes) documentary produced by Tennentspin here  

The competition is open to any artist, professional or amateur and is the only one of its kind in the UK. Pavement painting (Screeving) is big in parts of Europe, north & south America and the far east but has never really taken off in the UK possibly due to our climate 🙂 

But a bit of rain doesn’t stop us….you can see our web page from 2008 here 

and if your interested in taking part or sponsoring the event in any way you can email me at and don’t forget to bookmark the James Carling page for further updates 🙂 

We are planning to hold the 2nd competition this Spring or Autumn……..It’s great fun taking part; a memorable & prestigious event with plenty of press coverage and the promise of follow-up commissions…….join us  why dontcha 😉 

by the way…..the 1st James Carling competition will be featured in the Creative City exhibition in 2011 at the new museum of Liverpool Life

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2 thoughts on “The 2nd James Carling Pavement Art Competition

  1. loopy lou on said:

    Can I play? Having said that my back is twinging as I type and my lungs are rattling terribly!! still want to have a go though please, will be better soon……..

  2. Of course you can play Linda….and so can anybody else who has half a mind to do so….I’m just putting a funding proposal together now so any future developments you will see it here first….but,but we’ve also got a lot more new and exciting projects planned for 2010….so watch this space…..I know what you mean by aching limbs….It seems like every bone in my body is aching at the moment….must be winter 🙂

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