New Photos from UrbanCanvas

Norwich Forum 2009, originally uploaded by urbancanvas08.

I’ve just uploaded a batch of new images featuring selected works from 2008/ 2009.

You can view them here!

They represent some of our most recent works from last year and some older stuff from 2008.

Since 1997 we have pioneered the idea of interactive street art across the globe….when we started many people thought we were “mad” and said we would “never make a living from it”…..well we’ve proved everybody wrong and 13 years later we’re still “making a living from it”….in fact we’re turning down as much work as we get…..simply because we don’t have enough arms and legs to go round……and long may it continue!

2010 is going to be a very special year for us as we push the boundaries even further with many new and experimental ideas….but I’ll tell you about that in a future blog 😉

For more info on UrbanCanvas you can visit our website!

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6 thoughts on “New Photos from UrbanCanvas

  1. Turning down work!! recruit good artists that may not have as much work coming in as you????????

  2. Thanks 😉 ….and by the way the above work was produced by the people of Norwich in only 4 hours!…..yes I said hours!

  3. Good point Linda…..we did try that a few years ago but it is difficult to find artists who are capable of producing large scale street paintings as the one above….we have created a lot of work for artists over the years and will continue to do so…..but we need to trust them before we let them loose on such a large scale project…..that’s not to say we that haven’t got people in mind for such a thing 😉

  4. I love it! Come and do some in NY!

  5. Thanks Bliss…….We’d love to do NYC….in fact we did have an enquiry for a New York river-front festival a few years ago but it just didn’t come through…..still we live in hope…..perhaps we should put a few feelers out….I think we’d go down well in the big apple….whatcha thinkin? 😉

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