Whatcha got spinning on the dial Phil? #3

Once more it’s time to dip your big toe into my own personal ocean of world music…….      

This time: The Moonlighters, New York, USA      

I’ve always thought that music, just like any other art form is best appreciated when stumbled upon….the discovery and embracement of the new and being open-minded enough to let the fresh energy flow though your veins.      

It never ceases to amaze me at how small-minded and ‘set in their ways’ some people become about art and music….as if stepping out of their ‘comfort zone’ is akin to doing some kind of bungee jump or other life threatening activity! (lol) That what happens when people get old isn’t it?   

NO!! its got nothing to do with age it’s to do with attitude and INFLEXIBLE THINKING!  

I’ve seen young people exhibiting the same symptoms……    

 My attitude is….it’s only art (or music), it won’t bite! But try telling that to somebody whose staring into the abyss and exhibiting acute signs of cultural vertigo!    

The Moonlighters- Dreamland

The Moonlighters 2000 album- Dreamland

The MoonlightersDreamland album was one of those I stumbled upon in the bargain bucket at some long forgotten music store about eight ago…..Cost me about £2.99 and I only purchased the CD because I liked the name and the cover…..sometimes you’ve got to take a leap of faith. (a bungee jump of faith perhaps?) 😉     

I’d never heard of them before but this is an obsolute gem of a find….I love this band, a kind of mix between Jazz and Hawaiian swing guitar with some lovely vocals and harmonies. They hail from New York City and I’m pretty certain that their stuff is not on general release here in the UK but you can purchase it through the band’s own website and through Amazon.co.uk       

The band is headed by the wonderfully named Bliss Blood who plays Ukulele and seems to write most of the material…..anyhow its beautiful stuff and if I’m ever in New York I’ll make sure of seeking this band out playing live in some downtown bar……wishful thinking on my part 😉      

You can watch video’s of The Moonlighters on their excellent website here and listen to samples from Dreamland here      

Enjoy! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Whatcha got spinning on the dial Phil? #3

  1. This is a better MOONLIGHTERS link…..audio samples from all of their albums: http://www.themoonlightersnyc.com/music.asp


  2. Hello Philip,
    Thanks for a taking a chance on, and enjoying, our music. It’s nice to know that it has filtered all the way across the ocean to you!
    And anyone who would like a free song download from our newest cd “Enchanted” can go to this link and get the title track absolutely free:
    Cheers & good luck with your explorations in music. I’m certainly glad you found mine.

  3. To be honest Bliss……I could listen to your music all day (& night) and I have done. I’ve played this CD to bits….I even copied it to my ipod 🙂

    Tis about time I purchased more MOONLIGHTERS stuff…….. I’ve just ordered “Enchanted” so I’ll be blogging that in the near future.

    Thanks for the free track link (how cool is that!) 8)
    And I feel all ‘starstruck’ now you’ve commented on my blog……excuse me while I swoon 🙂

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