Six of One……and half a dozen of the other……..

Yesterday (1st March) was St David’s Day, (The Welsh god of rock n’ roll) so as a treat I thought I’d take a visit to the cultural capital of North Wales (and I don’t mean Rhyl!) 😉

“Where am I?……..In the village…..what do you want?…….Information?………you might get it!”


Portmeirion- yesterday 1st March 2010

Yep! I’m in the lovely little Italiana village of Portmeirion created by the eccentric but wonderful Clough Williams-Ellis. Made famous to the world through the 1960’s sci-fi/fantasy TV adventure series THE PRISONER.

Pormeirion is basically a home for fallen buildings, an eclectic mix of architectural styles….buildings rescued from demolition and lovingly recreated on this little Welsh peninsular known as Aber La (Frozen mouth)


Portmeirion- yesterday 1st March 2010

Clough originally wanted to establish an ‘idealised’ township on a mythical island off the coast of Spain/Portugal. He renamed the peninsular ‘Portmeirion’ and set about restoring a variety of Mediterranean and classical style buildings collected from all parts of the UK. The effect is one of brilliance and genius. It’s like walking onto a film set… unearthly place, familiar yet surreal at the same time.

The Prisoner Postcard

The Prisoner- Postcard 1998

As a child I remember seeing and loving The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan in the 60’s not realising and amazed to find in my teens that ‘The Village’  was Portimeirion less than 2 hours drive from Liverpool… seemed to me to be from another universe. To my young mind I couldn’t understand how anybody could ‘create’ a place like this?

The village first appeared on television in the classic first episode (View from the Villa) of Danger Man starring Patrick McGoohan in 1964, another childhood favourite of mine! 😉

Portmeirion Sculpture

Portmeirion Sculpture- I am number one!

I do love Portmeirion and try to visit as often as I can, tis a great day out and you can also stay overnight at the hotel!


Me in Portmeirion yesterday....looking rather serious 🙂

 “I will not be filed, stamped, indexed,briefed, debriefed or numbered… life is my own”

Find out more from the Portmeirion website here!

And for more about The Prisoner and the official ‘six of one’ appreciation society here!   


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3 thoughts on “Six of One……and half a dozen of the other……..

  1. John Lamb on said:

    The main frontage of the domed building, believe it or not, is from a fireplace at the now demolished Dawpool House Thurstaston. There is a picture on the internet of this fireplace in situ. Strange to think that it now forms the frontage to probably the most prominent building in Portmerion. Other ironwork is from the Mariners home, Liverpool. Williams Ellis was an early pioneer of architectural salvage, although one wishes his efforts would not have been necessary.

  2. Facinating detail John……I do have a book….somewhere, that I purchased on a previous visit detailing some of this stuff….wish I could find it!! 🙂

    It is a great place with lots of interesting features and just goes to show how ahead of his time William Ellis was….The ultimate recycler!

  3. Hi I loved ‘The Prisoner’ too! What a great write up about it! I keep meaning to visit Portmeirion, perhaps one day. I must say, I never really understood any of it. Just liked that gorgeous village, Mcgoohans clothes and the fact that he was ‘a free man – not a number’ Thanks for sharing!
    Lynda from ‘echostains’ and also ‘bookstains’

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