It’s the biggest Aspidistra in the world…….

In an attempt to defy gravity, walk on water, cram 6 allotmenteers into a space designed for 2 and have the longest waiting list in the western hemisphere….The new Harthill Federation Of Allotmenteers have now published a set of five collectable postcards promoting the benefits of allotment gardening to us ‘ordinary folk’ 

It's Another World!

It's Another World! postcard © HFOA 2010

Greetings from Harthill Allotments-postcard

Greetings from Harthill Allotments-postcard © HFOA 2010

Blooming Harthill-postcard

Blooming Harthill-postcard © HFOA 2010

Harthill Allotments-postcard

At your Convenience-postcard © HFOA 2010

Bin there, done that-postcard

Bin there, done that-postcard © HFOA 2010

I published two of these in an earlier blog (Harthill Allotments- At Your Convenience!) but you can now get all five as a ‘gift pack’ £3 including postage or 50p each. Postcards are available at numerous outlets throughout Merseyside (but be quick, they are selling like hot cakes!) 😉 

If you want instant gratification, try clicking on each image (then right click and choose to save on your computer), and then print out at A6 size, mount them onto card, and there you have it!…….Tis great and you get all five for FREE! 🙂 

As you can see, this proves the ‘federations’ point…….allotments ARE already good for wildlife so why keep Harthill Copse?…….FELL THE BUGGER!…..and they did! (with a little help from their friends)

Now some people may feel that these postcards don’t show a true picture of allotment gardening at Harthill but it reflects perfectly the picture that the Harthill Allotment Association and its supporters have been portraying of us….it’s amazing what can be achieved when you distort the truth a little (or maybe it is the truth…only taken from a different angle?)…..but I’ll be talking about that in my next blog on the subject…….. by the way, all the images where taken at Harthill Allotments…..a camera never tell’s lies……only people do that.

It’s the job of the creative artist to hold up the mirror and tell the truth…. if you don’t like the reflection…..tough! 8)

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