New UrbanCanvas E-Flyer!

2010 Urbancanvas web flyer

Urbancanvas web flyer- March 2010

Just spent the day designing our new web flyer…..hope you like it! 

It’s the first of a series aimed at international festivals & events……over the past few years we haven’t tended to promote ourselves and relied very much on ‘word of mouth’ for work which has been very good. 

But with the recession and the increased pressure on arts funding we thought it a good idea to cast our net a little further afield…….as they say…..have paint brush will travel!  😉

With overseas work being fraught with difficulties we thought it a good idea to filter work through our UK agent FOOLS PARADISE…….although it doesn’t stop things going wrong it does add a layer of protection against getting ripped off!

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3 thoughts on “New UrbanCanvas E-Flyer!

  1. Great flyer design. Hope your venture is successful!

  2. Hiya you two, I can’t open your flyer on my computer, just thought I would point it out in case it happens to others that might want to offer you lots of work?? Zara is going to Nepal on Thursday!!!!!!!

  3. You should be able to open it just by clicking on the image…….Try again!
    I’ve tried it on two computers and it works perfectly……might be a glich!

    It’s only “Nepal on Thursday”…..gee, wish I could say that……how exciting is that?

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