Cats in Heaven……the art of beautiful wallpaper

Something I started a few years ago was the idea of painting cats in heaven. This followed the sudden death of one of our cats, Dolly in 1995. Anybody who has loved and lost a pet will know it can be as painful as any loss….animal or human! Losing Dolly from a heart attack was such a shock to us that we needed to come to terms with it somehow….so I decided to paint cats in heaven. Recently we lost our little feral stray cat Suki… I’ve decided to start painting cats in heaven again.

The paintings are naïve in style, almost childlike and thats deliberate. People have said to me in the past “why do you paint like this?” and it’s not because “I can’t draw” or “render things realistically” I’m a classically trained artist who used to copy the works of Michelangelo and studied life drawing at university, but that’s not the point. I turned my back on all that pretentious nonsense when I realised that the academic arts were more interested in creating ‘art with ego’ and ‘art that deceives’ that’s what 3D art does……it pretends to be something it’s not. Like Magritte’s statement “this is not a pipe” no!…it’s just a painting of a pipe.

I try to make my paintings as honest as possible…no pretence, no ego, no trying to prove how ‘good’ I am as an ‘artist’ “oh what a good drawer” or “oh what a lovely painter” I’m not interested in any of that…….my paintings are nothing more than visual wallpaper with no pretensions….you take them or leave them for what they are….it’s up to you!
I’m not interested in making statements….this art lacks ambition. It exists for no other reason then that I create it and I’m certainly not interested in ‘making money’ from it. I don’t work to commission and I generally don’t sell my work or even show them these days…..In fact these paintings have been around for some time and this blog is the first time I’ve shown them to anybody.

The art world is full of ‘personalities’ and the pretentious art of the middle classes. I turned my back on that many years ago and have no time for all that shit!

Hope you enjoy the wallpaper………

dolly in heaven

Dolly- this was my first Cats in Heaven painting 1995

tidds in heaven

Tidds- our lovely cat, now in heaven 2007

nanni in heaven

Nanni in Heaven - 2008

dolly in heaven

Dolly in Heaven 2- 2009

nico in heaven

Nico in Heaven- just started work on this one 2010

icon cat

icon cat- this is one of a series of eight. 2001

  Somebody asked me why my cats sometimes appear upside down and on their heads…..well in heaven there is no ‘right way up’ 😉 all paintings are oil on canvas and done by me!

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