Money for money’s sake… for god’s sake…….

Every so often an opportunity comes along that makes you smile. Last Friday we got a message from our agent to say that a very large international electronics firm where launching a new video camera worldwide and where interested in using us to promote it. this would involve us creating pavement art in London and then flying us over to Paris for three days….sounds good?

Not only would we be paid, but we would receive a free video camera (ours to keep) to document our creations and worldwide exposure of our work to over 15 million people on-line. The only catch is that they want us to produce 3D anamorphic art… know the type that comes out of the pavement (aka….Julian Beaver)

Now we’ve had hundreds of enquiries for this type of work and have always turned it down on the grounds of creative integrity…….I personally would feel like I was ‘jumping on the 3D bandwagon’ My reply to all these enquiries would always be…..”if you want 3D art then contact Beaver” it’s just not our bag.

I’ve always believed that what we have done in terms of street art has been different and innovative within its own right and asking us to do 3D art is like asking the Beatles to sing Carpenters songs. You just don’t do it…..we are artists within our own right and we must stay focused and have our own integrity….without it all is lost. We were once offered £10,000 by a large animation company with a famous mouse to produce a piece of 3D art in some place I can’t remember…..we turned it down! Why? Because we’re not f**king prostitutes…..I never came into the arts to make money, it’s just something that’s happened that’s all….we make a decent living and that’s it. Keeps us off the dole….I’m not interested in making a fortune, being rich or anything like that. I’ve never been motivated by money and I’m certainly not a slave to the ‘money god’

Some people think I’m f**king stuped 🙂

Is that weird? and am I the only person on earth to think like this?…’s the problem with capitalism…everybody’s obsessed with money! It’s all crap to me and I saw through it many years ago. If I’ve got money I’ll spend it but what I won’t do is prostitute myself for it…..the problem with capitalism is that it’s an evil against humanity… dangerous as Nazism. It turns people against each other, it promotes elitism and selfishness. By the way capitalism and democracy are not related and only co-exist in the western world. I could write a book on this….perhaps I will 😉

As long as I’ve got food in my belly and a roof over my head I’m happy….Art is everything… is f**k all.

Come to me when I’m starving and I might just think about it…….but that’s all I’ll do…..think!

I’m 51 years of age anyhow, why should I care 😉

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