I remember the very day when I was born……..

The Friday afternoon was approaching the hours of twilight when violent thunderstorms broke out across the southeast of England producing amazing lightning displays, severe down draughts and even tornadoes. The most striking event however was the giant hail that fell on parts of Sussex. At Horsham, a hailstone weighing 141g was measured and was the size of a tennis ball, the heaviest hailstone ever recorded in the UK. 

In England’s north-west; Whiston, Lancashire………It was a very warm start….it was the 5th of September 1958, my first day on planet earth. I was born in the early hours of Friday morning and remember it perfectly, I wonder how many people can say that? Yep… I remember the day I was born, the first transformation, the stirrings in the primordial soup. I remember the womb in which I used to live, the awakening from nothing into something. The lighting of the spark that makes us individuals-people-humans. I’m certain that others remember this event I just haven’t met them. 

nobodies child- colourized

Me as a baby 1960....colourised and digitally enhanced by Me!


Now a psychologist may say that this is extremely unlikely if not impossible, claiming that while infants do have memories, they are usually forgotten as they develop. I may have had a dream, for example, that I were being “re-born” and I’m confusing that for my real birth day. If it was a dream than its one that’s shaped my entire life. I believe that one day science will discover that people who remember being born are very special individuals who walk amongst us like ghosts………so what does all this mean? well I’m not sure really…..probably nothing but it would be interesting to hear from others who may have had similar experiences 😉

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