Phil’s big idea: All art should be destroyed the moment it is created.

The most important thing is the moment of creation……..Viewing art in galleries is like looking at butterflies on pins. There is nothing more obscene than watching hundreds of tourists queuing up to have their photographs taken in front of the Mona Lisa!! Destruction is a catalyst for creation

Art has become a commodity…….  

I believe art should be ‘given away freely’ and that those possessing artistic skills should be passing on knowledge and techniques to a wider public. I am against all art and artists, who perpetuate myths, intellectualise, tell lies and promote elitism in art. I am against all arts bodies and establishments who preserve or use art as a commodity, a weapon, an instrument of propaganda. The arts world is full of people who perpetually worship false gods. These are the pedestals they sit upon. The whole idea of putting art in galleries is wrong, it’s a myth designed to rob people of their birthright.

 Since the dawn of history, man has attempted to ‘leave his mark’ from the cave paintings of Lascaux in France to the Tibetan Mandela and Native American sand painting. All art forms that have a life, they were of the moment, never intended for exhibition or preservation.

 For thousands of years, mankind has produced art that is of value in a social context, art that has involved the whole community, which has told tales and enhanced the lives of the people who produced it.

 Also, the idea of art that is preserved forever is nonsense to these communities. The art was of the moment, it had a life from beginning to end. What has fallen down to us through the years is largely a matter of luck and represents only a small fraction of all the art produced. Street art puts us in touch with these ancient traditions, a community of people, often strangers, spontaneously coming together to create something as fragile and ephemeral as chalking on the street; Adults, Children, Teenagers Families of every race and creed! To me this is a very spiritual and moving experience.

Nobody taught ‘primitive’ man to do art, but when Picasso came out of a cave and said ‘We have learnt nothing’ he was right! The ‘primitive’ artist is within each and every one of us, we just need a catalyst to help us realise it.


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2 thoughts on “Phil’s big idea: All art should be destroyed the moment it is created.

  1. looby loo on said:

    I think street art is good and community art, anything that helps the creative juices flow, I love it. But….I also love going to gallerries and being knocked on my back by some of the things that I see, admittedly they are few and far between but I am glad that someone is looking after them and in this country at least it is free to go and look at them. I also am glad that I don’t have to destroy everything that I make or else I would have to go back and work in a shitty horrible job and be unhappy.

    ps I am going to Florence 🙂

  2. I love creating controversy and a few years ago I used this point as part of a discussion for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Free Thinking’ festival where I was described as ‘having a sexy mind’ well I don’t know anything about that 🙂 but I really did enjoy arguing the toss with so called ‘intellectuals’

    I just love winding people like that up and it’s amazing how serious and passionate people become over something they believe in………. the world could do with a lot more ‘positive’ passion in it don’tcha think….Florence sounds good….but its full of art that hasn’t been destroyed….YET!…..LOL 🙂

    I won’t be going on holiday for a very long time wot with buying a car an all that….have to work to pay for it now……know anybody in need of a street artist?…….I also do weddings, gas fitting and plumbing on the side! LOL

    How’s Zara doing in the back of beyond? Can she see the moon from where she is? If so I’ll be thinking of her next time I look up into the sky……Luv Philip x

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