Beware of stupid people in large numbers!

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers……our efforts to save Harthill Copse has proved that point as the Harthill Allotment committee stupidly try to justify their victory by cramming over six allotmenteers into an area designed for two full size allotment plots! The result being that people are ‘fannying about’ with an area of land burly the size of a rubbish skip of soil! Hardly worth the effort of getting out of bed for 🙂  

But apparently people are so desperate for allotments these days that they will accept almost anything. A certain ‘great dictator’ was right when he said that “fortunately for us…people just don’t think” or even care…….

Not only that but the size of plots being offered does nothing to encourage commitment towards allotment gardening……If I was one of those ‘new’ plot holders I’d certainly stay on the waiting list/s and hold out for a ‘full size’ plot elsewhere.

It’s the retardation of it all for me…the total lack of intelligence and ill education.….lunatics running the asylum, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest and all that! Its soooo true. By the way, I’m not including ‘new’ allotment holders by saying that……they are just fed using ‘the mushroom principle’ Keep em’ in the dark and shit on em’ 

It cost Liverpool City Council (and us as tax payers) over £7,500 to clear Harthill Copse. That’s £7,500 for what amounts to  two allotment plots…..these must be the most pampered allotment holders in Liverpool and indeed the whole country considering that the average rent on a plot is no more than £25 per year…..on that basis two plot holders would have to work the same plots for over 150 years to pay that back (50 into 7500)……..that’s the price of a tiny woodland my friends. In some parts of the country I could have bought an entire acre of woodland for that!!!!!

Unbelievable but it’s true……..what chance has the planet and biodiversity got? NOT A LOT…..we are all doomed!

It’s a pathetic state of affairs that amounts to nothing more than stupid people trying to make a point….and what was that point? Well I’m afraid my friends that, that will be forgotten in the mists of time……..why……..quite simply because they’ve completely missed the point.

If we have politicians who haven’t got the backbone to make the difficult decisions needed to save a tiny woodland……what chance the planet?

In my next blog I’ll illustrate my point with photos of the newly created plots at Harthill… you get me 😉

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