Goodbat Nightman!

And it was a “Goodnight Batman”……..I’m talking about last night (23rd April) at The Liverpool Cathedral chat with Mike McCartney. Got to meet Mike (again) who, I will swear to god didn’t recognise me and when I said to him “I’ll see you around; street arting no doubt” looked at me as if I was mad!!! (lol)

The ironic thing is…..we spent a FULL day together during the James Carling Pavement art comp and I’ve met Mike many times on and off since 2001

But it’s always the way when you meet people out of context, you know the thing when you meet somebody who you know but you can’t put a time or a place to it. And it must also be the way when you are meeting loads of people all the time…..still we had a good laugh about it on the way home in the car.

It was a great night though as Mike recalled his childhood at Fortlin Road with his brother Paul (who just happens to be the most famous man on the planet….behind Simon Cowell of course!) illustrated throughout with some splendid photography, many of which had never been seen before. He also talked candidly about the ‘sexual harassment’ allegations of 2004 which I found very enlightening and honest.

Met some interesting people last night……the guy and his daughter who sat next to me claimed to be Mike’s next door neighbour for 20 years and described Mike as being ‘eccentric’ but ‘a nice guy’….I’d go along with that!

Also a guy who claimed to be an original member of the Quarrymen….I think his name was Len but I can’t be sure……anyhow he was telling me how many times he’d met Mike & Paul McCartney and went on to say….”I’m as good as any of them you know”…..I’m quite sure he was/is and that’s often a thing about the celebrity culture we live in…….for every famous face we see there are a multitude more who ‘don’t make it’ (whatever that means!) and their lives become ‘defined’ by that moment and tinged with sadness for what ‘could have been’ Anyhow Len was a nice guy and proceeded to show me his book of old original photographs of John & Paul complete with autographs of everybody from John Lennon to Little Richard……I was well impressed!

We’re all pawns in the hands of fate me-dears……

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