Every story tells a picture!

I’ve always been fascinated how the things around us change over time…..sometimes almost imperceptibly. 

I was brought up in the Lancashire town of Prescot, just outside Liverpool, recently I came across some photos I’d taken in the late 1970’s of my home town when I was just getting into photography and art; I thought it would be good fun to go back to these very same locations and attempt to re-take the images from the same angle with approximately the same lighting conditions. Not as easy as it may sound 🙂 

Prescot War Memorial 1978

Prescot War Memorial 1978 looking towards Kemble Street

 SPOT THE DIFFERENCE…….. These two images where taken of the Prescot War Memorial at the back of Prescot Parish Church looking down towards Kemble Street; 32 years apart!! 

Prescot War Memorial 2010

Prescot War Memorial 2010 from the same place!

 On the face of it not much has changed but look more closely and you begin to notice things you’d almost forgotten. The wholesale disappearance of chimney pots and stacks, the replacement of wooden windows to the new plastic ones we have today. The change in street furniture etc. To me its the little things in life that I find fascinating….try it yourself, find an old photo and retake it and it does make you look at things differently. 

By the way the 2010 photo I took today (26th April 2010

Click on the images to view them in close up and if you have any memories from this part of Prescot I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Every story tells a picture!

  1. Ian Thorogood on said:

    Hi Phil, interesting old photo of the war memorial at the back of the church (I do remember it being at the front by the way!) Looking at that photo of Prescot from 1978 certainly brought back a lot of memories. I remember climbing on those walls surrounding the church and the graveyard as a kid. I had a schoolboy romance with a girl who lived in Greenall Court. Down Kemble St I remember Hector Stanley having a shop where I used to buy sweets and comics, another sweet shop and the bingo hall. There was also a decent chippie and that short cut over the wasteland up to Ecclestone St. Down the other route was an alley linking to the cinder path. One of the first pubs I ever went into was The Bath Springs. I even remember some of the songs that were on the jukebox of the time! On the far left of your photo are two shops. Was one of them known as the Iron shop ?(you could buy all sorts of DIY stuff there, nails and tools etc), must have been next door or next door but one to the butchers. On the right of the photo, below wall level, was of course Market Place where the Mug Fair came to town once a year. Thanks for the memories!.
    Ian Thorogood

  2. Just looked at these photos…. The memorial also spent time outside the Deans House if I recall correctly.
    I lived in Greenall Court in the 70’s . The iron shop was Beesleys (Spelling may not be right) but we used to buy paraffin and fireworks there at 13 years old.. His name was Roland and I will always remember that he gave me a steam tank and a collection of cig cards that might have been worth a few bob today.. He was a big bloke and my dad thought he was ok.Happy Days!

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