Silly little cutouts gone all 3D…….

I’m fed up of being a 1 dimensional character in a 2D universe so I’ve started to make experiments into the 3rd Dimension and ‘into the light’

The centenary celebrations of Platt Fields public park, Rusholme, Manchester.

They had no fireworks to celebrate 100 years of this fine park so we decided to create them on the tarmac! We used anamorphic art techniques to create a work that stood off the pavement….although trying to render fireworks in 3D is an almost impossible task…..firstly they are just points of light and secondly there is very little physical reference points, unlike buildings or objects they have no ‘physical’ presence ….they are as ephemeral as the street art we create! 🙂

Anamorphic Street Art has been made popular today through the 3D art of artists like Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner but the idea is not new to art and was even practiced by Michelangelo! In fact one of the most famous pieces of anamorphic art can be found in the National Gallery in London…….The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger and his famous ‘anamorphic skull’

Anamorphic art is simply the distortion of an image so that when viewed from one particular point it looks in perfect proportions……from every other point of view it looks odd and elongated.

This represents our first ever piece of anamorphic street art and I must say it been a challenge & great fun creating it 🙂

Many thanks to Anne Tucker of Manchester International Arts and the Friends of Platts Field for entertaining our presence!

More to come……Stay on the Beam……..

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