Cavern Mecca

Just a follow up to my last blog on Paul McCartney…..In the BREAKOUT interview Paul mentions ‘The Cavern Mecca’ for those who don’t know it The Cavern Mecca was Liverpool’s first ever Beatles Museum and meeting place…..

 Towards the late 1970s, a shop called the Magical Mystery Store was opened by fans on North John Street. This operation later moved to the first floor of 18 Mathew Street (now part of Flanagan’s Apple) and called itself Cavern Mecca. Cavern Mecca became a meeting place for fans in Liverpool, as well as those who travelled to the City in search of Beatles landmarks. Cavern Mecca established a world-wide membership that begun an industry.

However the period between 1973 and 1981 can best be described as the time of dedicated fans and enthusiasts. I’m not sure but I think the Carven Mecca closed around 1984 when the new Cavern opened.

Without them Cavern City Tours would not exist. Cavern Mecca was the first Beatles Museum in Liverpool run by Liz and Jim Hughes. Liz died after a long illness on 26 June 2008.

Beatles Convention Advert- BREAKOUT issue 15 1983

Beatles Convention Advert- BREAKOUT issue 15 on the image to enlarge!

In November 1981 I did an interview with manager Jim Hughes for BREAKOUT which I’ll be blogging shortly together with photos I took of the inside of Cavern Mecca in 1981; the meantime I thought you may be interested in this advert carried by Issue 15 of BREAKOUT. (Page 2)

It features the first ever 3 day Beatles convention in Liverpool a landmark event that spawned an industry…..god bless the pioneers!

BREAKOUT Content 2

BREAKOUT Content 2

And here’s a content list from page 2 of BREAKOUT issue 15 (August/Sept. 1983)

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