UrbanCanvas New Videos

It’s been a busy weekend of street art and we’ve been chalking up and down the country…….Firstly we started off down south at The Salisbury International Arts Festival…..Saturday 29th May.

This is a simple workshop based upon Russian Dolls (Matryoshka) and keying into the festivals ‘Russian’ theme!

We made this workshop up on the spot…..it was raining in Salisbury and we could only find this ugly cut through alley way…..The work we planned to do was unsuitable so we came up with this idea on the spare of the moment……and quite nice it was too…….I think people had great fun drawing faces and its only when we stopped to look at everything that we realised that we had some good art going on here 🙂

Then it was back up north for The Oldham Arts Festival 2010 which this year turned Oldham Town Centre into a beach and seaside resort so our 30ft Octofish fitted in well 🙂

Sunday 30th May 2010

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2 thoughts on “UrbanCanvas New Videos

  1. Linda on said:

    hiys chicki, have you heard back from Cambridge yet? I need to let someone know asap ps Zara is back from Nepal :-))))))))))))))))

  2. Hi Linda……..Yep! Cambridge is happening….I’ll send you details together with Girl Guides event 🙂
    Zara’s turning Nepalise, Zara’s turning Nepalise….I really think sooo!

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