The Poetry of Nature…….

I spent a lovely couple of hours this evening (Monday 14th June) walking alone around Hale Village on the outskirts of Liverpool. I was in perfect solitude…..accompanied only by my iPod Nano and listening to one of my favourite audio books…’Great poets of the Romantic Age’ downloaded from

Hale Lighthouse, Cheshire 2010

Oh hush my beating heart....Hale Lighthouse, Cheshire 2010

What better way to spend a summers evening alone walking in the country listening to the poems of Wordsworth, Blake, Shelly, Coleridge and Byron. I can’t describe that feeling. Thank god for the man who invented the IPod 🙂 …….sometimes the depth of feelings experienced listening to poetry in nature are beyond words….some things just can’t be described so I won’t bother other than to say that long before I became an artist I became interested in ‘culture’ through poetry…..mainly the Mersey Poets such as Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Pattern…..they informed my world and made me realise that art is for everybody, they opened the doors to an under-priviliged boy…..they where the mavericks whose influence on my young mind can’t be overstated.

The River Mersey at Hale...2010

The River Mersey at Hale...2010

Later in life I was fortunate enough to meet Adrian Henri and express my love for his work….I’m so glad I did.

The great poets often talk about solitude and in today’s society it’s in some way considered a ‘sin’ or ‘anti-social’ to be ‘alone’…..something ‘a bit weird’ that so called ‘normal’ people find hard to understand. But I think that solitude does not equate to being ‘alone’…..after all, how can you feel alone in nature when you feel connected to every single blade of grass that grows, every bird that sings and every wind that blows 🙂

Oh hush my silent mind….

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2 thoughts on “The Poetry of Nature…….

  1. Oh yea that made me feel good!

  2. 🙂 …..Yea….me too Alex! x

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