Behind the scenes at PC World……

Have you ever wondered what life is like working at your local PC World? What exactly do the staff get up to, what do they think of each other and more importantly what do they think of the customers?

I must say it’s never been a question at the top of my page but I do like a bit of voyeurism….who doesn’t!

In May 2002 I bought my first ever Mini DV Camcorder…..It was an ex-demo model (Thomson Scenium VMD20 to be precise) I purchased it for a bargain price from my local PC World in Speke, Liverpool.

I excitedly took it home and to my amazement I found a Mini DV tape still inside the machine. But this wasn’t just any DV tape……This tape contained a recording made by staff at PC World, Oldham, Lancashire…Oh Yes! And it’s been in a cupboard ever since but now I’ve decided to publish it….not out of any malice to those involved or to PC World but just because I find it FUNNY…..and I hope you do to 🙂

The recording is date stamped 31st November and 14th December 2000 and I’ve had to split it into two parts to upload onto YouTube.

So here it is….ten years on……..

You can view part one HERE and part two HERE …..Enjoy!

So far PC World have declined to comment on these recordings…..tee hee!

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