The Emergency Budget

Well the budget has just been announced and the ‘bankers’ the Tories friends…..have gotten away with it again. No tax on their massive bonuses and so they continue to ‘cream it off’ while the rest of us have to pay for their mistakes. 20% on VAT….how can you justify that especially as the LIB DEM’s promised NOT to increase VAT and now they’ve done the complete opposite. “Never trust a Politician, they are all a bunch of liars” that’s what writer Alan Bleasdale said to me many years ago. He was right!

I would be the first to agree that it is morally wrong for any country to live beyond its needs….we in the west have been doing it for years. We’ve voted for these bunch of jokers and given them the right to do as they please so we’ve only got ourselves to blame when the bubble bursts.

It has burst and the fallout is going to be painful not least for people working in the creative industries….the arts will be the first to go, they always are….it’s back to the bleak dark ages of the 1980’s for us and arts funding dries up as Britain tightens its belt.

Mark my words this budget will lead to massive levels of unemployment and civil unrest….the truth is in the detail.

If you haven’t felt the impact of the recession yet…..brace yourself….the best is yet to come! and remember if you didn’t vote you’ve got no say so butt out and deal with it!

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