Sugar Town……

It’s often said that in days gone by Merthyr Tydfil used to be a ‘sweet’ old town……well I’ve got news for you…..IT STILL IS!

Just returned from a wonderful weekend in South Wales…….there are just some places in this world where you can walk around and feel completely at home….almost as if you know the place intimately……like a pair of trusted old shoes… just feels comfortable. Well for me Merthyr Tydfil is just that. No airs and graces, what you see is what you get. A proud old mining town with solid working class values.

The people were great…..Even a couple of bobbies from the Mid Glamorgan Constabulary couldn’t resist the lure of the street art……I think they were even tempted to ‘put a hat out’ although I was so busy I can’t be certain (lol)

We did a Welsh/Chinese Dragon in St. Tydfil Square Shopping precinct in the heart of the community. The red ‘herring bone’ brickwork wasn’t perfect but it did add an interesting mosaic effect to the finished work. I’m one of those sad individuals who spends his life looking at the floor…..people who don’t know me think I’m looking for money. They are only half right (lol) most of the time I’m weighing up the floor surface it see if its suitable for street painting… will often see me muttering to myself “nice bit of paving that” and “I could do some right damage on that” and so on and so forth.

One of the great things about street art is the travelling……from community to community you build up an interesting picture of society….from the very richest to the very poorest and one thing is certain……WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

And I sometimes ask……WHO NEEDS ARTISTS! Some of the most creative people I’ve ever met have been the people who just don’t realise their own creativity……it’s just like natural beauty, where does it come from?………. one of those wonderful mysteries of life 🙂

In Merthyr Tydfil……. the kids have dreams!

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