The Colours of Valkenburg

Off to Valkenburg tomorrow (20th August) for the second Dutch open pavement art competition. Should be interesting but I’m not really interested in the ‘competition bit’ its more to do with the taking part, meeting new pavement painters and being out of the country for a few days 🙂

Colours Of Valkenburg Website!

Valkenburg is suppose to be lovely and a top Dutch tourist destination so it’s worth going just for the trip. We’ll be pushing the James Carling Competition while we are over there…..see if we can persuade a few international street painters to come to Liverpool. From what I can see the standard is quite high and it seems to go down well with the general public which is what these events are all about.

The Colours of Valkenburg is in its third year and attracts pavement painters from around the world…..we happen to be the only ones from the UK….I wonder why??

A lot of Italian and Dutch taking part including a fair percentage from the USA. Of course street painting is big in Italy and the USA!

Although I’ve known about this gig for some time…..I still have no idea what to do, it may mean falling back on something we’ve done previously……I don’t really like doing that but unless we get a divine piece of inspiration between now and Saturday when the competition starts it’s a case of just winging it I’m afraid… thing is certain, we will be involving people in the art….I tried to explain why we did this to a fellow artist the other week and the concept went right over his head…..and the nameless soul looked at me as if I’d come off another planet!

Worlds apart my man, worlds apart…….

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One thought on “The Colours of Valkenburg

  1. Hi there!

    I’m Jim and am interested in participating in your upcoming Liverpool pavement art festival. I participated in the very first Valkenburg festival back in 2008 and had a great time. It was my very first time in Europe and I met some great people and some of the most talented street painters around. I’d love to paint in the UK this time around. Leet me know if you would like a Yank from across the pond to come by!


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