Found this little gem of a video on the British Pathe News website featuring a Pavement Art Competition from 1962: DUTCH PAVEMENT ARTISTS – British Pathe.

The information alongside it goes:

Location: Haarlem. Holland / Netherlands

Story about the final of the annual youth drawing competition in Haarlem.

VS. In an ancient square in Haarlem, young boys and girls take part in an art exhibition with a difference. The youngsters are given an area of paving stone and some chalks. CU of various chalk pictures of a flower, Donald Duck, a clown, a cat and others. VS. The best drawing is done by 11 year old Ronald Metselaar – a copy of a portrait by Frans Hals – and he is presented with prize.

There is no sound on the video but I just love stuff like this that reveals something of the history of an art form hardly ever documented. 

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5 thoughts on “DUTCH PAVEMENT ARTISTS – British Pathe

  1. That’s nice, Phil. I could have been one of these kids 🙂

  2. Yes els……I don’t know Holland that well…..Is Haarlem near were you live?
    Great footage though…..I LOVE IT 🙂

  3. I love British Pathe……..I often have a root around looking for ‘off the wall’ stuff of interest……you could spend a lifetime on that site and still not see everything. It’s a valuable treasure house of history…….wish the clips were a bit cheaper to buy though 😦

    Mind you……I have bought a few clips when my pocket money will allow that is 🙂

  4. Haarlem isn’t very far from Alkmaar where I lived as a kid (and where I live again now). And it is great footage!

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