The Future isn’t here yet!

Well the James Carling event for 2010 is done and dusted and already we are looking forward to 2011…..Oh yes!

Time and tide waits for no man and just when you thought it was safe to come back out onto the streets………we are looking for expressions of interest from artists wishing to take part in next year’s competition. We don’t have any details at present but if you are definitely interested in taking part and returning to Liverpool next year then we would look forward to hearing from you… us at

James William Carling Competition 2010

James William Carling Competition 2010 Photo: Mike R (

Also if you are a business looking towards arts sponsorship which can raise your profile, be offset against tax (always a good thing that :)) and involve yourself and your staff in a world-class arts event then contact us at the same address…..get in early and you could bag yourself a bargain sponsorship package 😉

The James William Carling Competition 2010

The James William Carling Competition 2010. Photo by Mike R (

Remember this year’s event attracted thousands of people to the Bold Street area of Liverpool, we had a comments book and this is just a few comments made about The James Carling Pavement Art Competition:

“Fabulous! Yet another reason to be so, so proud of this amazing city!” Jenn & Dave
“A lovely idea & particularly involving the children” V.C.
“Beautiful contest with many amazing artists, I’m so glad I came here today to see it” anon from New York.
“Amazing, all very good artists” Rob from Bedford.
“Pavement & Art are my 2 fave things…..thanks for making this happen!!!” Helen from Telford
“Beautiful, my favourite was the kids!” Sage from Kentucky USA
“Wonderful!” Rozzy from Bedford
“True talent….absolutely stunning” anon from Liverpool
“Well done all the artists and the volunteers for this event-Real Art!” Saad Liverpool.
“FABULOUS!” Deirdre from New York City
“Wonderful event, great talent” Gerry
“Brill, do this more often” Claire from Liverpool
“Well done to all the artists and thank you….you have all worked hard for our enjoyment” anon.

Well what more can I say? Not convinced??….well if you didn’t go then you don’t know what you’ve missed but I think these words speak for themselves…….remember this is the best time to support the arts…in the middle of a recession…….buy high sell low or something like that (lol)
I’ll shortly be updating the James Carling Webpage… soon as I get our main computer back from being repaired at PC World ARRRRGH!
So be sure to bookmark that page for future developments!

The James William Carling Competition 2010

The James William Carling Competition 2010. Photo: Mike R (

Our Flickr Photo sharing group The Liverpool Chalk Circle has taken on a life of its own with over 200 photos already being submitted by members. Remember you can freely join and submit your own images of the James Carling event or any other pavement art event or activity you so wish….even if it’s chalking in your own back yard!….why not? It free to join and share on-line so; get chalking and show us your masterpieces why dontcha!

This week has also seen us on the front cover of another newspaper in as many weeks….this time it the October edition of Britain’s oldest community newspaper The Scottie Press serving thousands of households and residents throughout the Vauxhall, Everton and Kirkdale areas of Liverpool. A fantastic write-up especially considering that James Carling was born in Vauxhall…A local hero by now methinks 😉

Scottie Press Front Page

Scottie Press Front Page - October 2010

Lastly I’d like to thank all our supporters for this year’s event:

 Tracey Crosby & Ged Gibbons from City Central BID, Dave & Mandy from The Bold Street Traders (Bold Street Festival Committee) Olwen from Editions Contemporary Arts Ltd, Berni from Inscript Engraving,  John Isham at WABBO arts supplies, Emma Cross at the Derwent Pencil Company, Cumbria, Patrick Duggan from Epstein’s Guesthouse, Anfield, Louise Ellman MP for presenting the People’s prize, John Lea and all the staff at Maggie Mays, Bold Street, Rose from Jackson’s Art supplies, Slater Street, Duncan & Anne-Marie from Rennies Art & Crafts, News From Nowhere, The Windows Project all at Bold Street, John Scotland Video Production, Mike McCartney, Ian Jackson, Peter Dover, Minako Jackson, local writer Mike Kelly, all the artists, Gockers, Madonnari and Screevers from near and far, Ken Dodd for nearly being there on the day but he was working in Blackpool (and how tickled he was!) Ron Formby of Scottie Press for all his hard work in pushing the name of James Carling forward (hope to see you next year Ron….God Willing!), Greg Creighton & Sean Dixon from Scottie Press, Gemma from Red Lotus Living and not forgetting all the Little Chalkers and event volunteers on the day and last but not least my partner Catherine McMahon for keeping it all together and quite literally MAKING IT HAPPEN!!! xx behind every great woman is a man (lol)……and to be honest I’m way behind keeping a lid on everything the way that Catherine does….Shes my love and my guiding star x

Phew! What a team!!!!

All for now…..Urblatt Phil x

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One thought on “The Future isn’t here yet!

  1. Congratulations for your festival. Well done, our Italian artists. Thank you for these events, with organizational sacrifice, try not to get rid of this ancient art. I participate every year at the international festival of Grazie di Curtatone, Mantua, Italy where it all started. I participated in the festival of California, Santa Barbara and San Rafael, and I have always seen so many people fascinated with these beautiful traditions. When I go around to draw I try to forward this ephemeral art and immersing the viewer. Always observing the rules of tradition, using only materials in dry, not wet. This message must remain the only time a storm. Congratulations again.

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