Inspirational visions of light and pixels…..

One thing I love about street art is its ability to inspire others to create. Not just in the public workshops we run but in other ways!

The only way we have of capturing this ephemeral art form is through video and photography so its no surprise to us that lots and lots of people choose to photograph us working and of course the art as it develops.  But what we really enjoy is looking at our work through the eyes of others…….people who we’ve never met before  are often inspired to produce their own video’s or photo slide shows, and share them on-line.

This week I found a new video photo slide-show on YouTube produced by Mike R and featuring photos he’d taken of our James Carling event. And very nice they are too!

A few weeks ago we were sent a link to a video by Washington Buckley, again featuring our James Carling event as part of the Bold Street Festival. (We showed this at FACT on the 10th November!)

Both videos in our opinion are excellent but different…….taken from an individual viewpoint.

I love that about photography and video, as an arts form- the ephemeral nature of street art is a perfect complement.

Tomorrow (Sat. 20th Nov 2010) sees us travelling to the Lake District for a luxury stay in the famously haunted hotel at Muncaster Castle with its famous National Owl Sanctury.

I’m REALLY looking forward to that one and I’ll be blogging it on my return…..Ooooooooo!

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