The Nightmare before Christmas!

For me Christmas is a nightmare full-stop…… It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the time of the year I dread the most. Full of false sentiment and materialistic do gooders feeding from the trough of life.

It’s just an excuse for people to tell lies to young children and scare them with tales of bearded old men coming down the chimney and fiddling about with children’s toys before eating them out of house and home (well mince pies anyhow!)

And another thing….whats all this about the hedonistic ‘giving of presents’ that at the end of the day nobody wants our even needs. I read an article recently claiming that here in Britain we spend something like 1 billion pounds on giving ‘unwanted’ presents away to ungrateful bastards who at the end of the day don’t care if you live or die!!

No kidding…1billion pounds!!!……Tis the season to give away money in return for old rope and ‘old tat’ that nobody wants.

Tis also the season to be Merry and goodwill to all men (and women) but all this goodwill and merriment come at a price…..usually at the hands of child labourers in India, China or some other Godforsaken downtrodden country that produces stuff for a pittance so that we can buy a new party dress for next to nothing or a brand new Apple iPad (made on the cheap in China)

But why should we care….. Aren’t we all just having a great time Heh!

Yeah right! I sometimes feel like the only person on earth who can see through all this s**t…. I know I’m not and that many people are of the same opinion. A “supporter” of Christmas may read this and think I’m just a miserable old goat or some kind of ‘kill joy’ but that’s far from the truth. I have an intense love of life and believe that people should enjoy every moment of their existence.

But I don’t accept BULLSHIT…. and Christmas to me is full of BULLSHIT!!!

It’s a selfish, self-indulgent time of year where the only thing we care about is ‘what’s in it for ME’

Of course this is a result of the materialistic western society we live in in which shopping and consumerism is king….. The opium of the masses, buying a little piece of ‘happiness’ today only to be ‘disappointed’ tomorrow. So what do we do? We go out and buy another piece of ‘happiness’ and before we know it we’re all riding on the materialistic express (a bit like the Polar Express but without the snow) a train ride to the northern lights and ‘happiness’ station but you know what…..we never seem to get to that place. It always seems to be somewhere beyond the horizon.

But that’s materialism for you……it promises you everything and delivers very little in return. It’s turned everybody under it’s spell into unthinking, uncaring ZOMBIES all worshiping at the high alter of money and status.

Since when has money become more important than people???

Thankfully we are not all the same and there are people out there who can see through all the crap….. For me that makes it worthwhile to know I’m not alone in my so called ‘cynical yuletide universe’

I stopped believing in Christmas when I was 7 years of age and my uncle told me that Santa was a fake….. You see my point about telling children lies!!

In my 20’s I stopped giving Christmas presents to ANYBODY! I have one philosophy these days and that is NEVER TO CELEBRATE the false God of Christmas……. But that doesn’t make me a miserable old toad……because to me every day is a Christmas day: 365 days of the year and that makes every day a day of giving and goodwill to all men, and woman, and cats, and dogs and everything under the sun.

I have a deep set love of life and believe that if you give more than you receive then your life has been of value and that’s why I ‘m an artist!!!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! (uummm…did I just say that out loud?). 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Nightmare before Christmas!

  1. Frankie on said:

    Well stated, my friend
    And a Happy Everyday Christmas to you

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Phil. Sometimes I feel so alone with my ideas about these things. I don’t like what we have made of Christmas.
    When I was a child in The Netherlands we had Sinterklaas who gave presents at 5/6 dec, little presents which truly made me happy.
    Christmas had nothing to do with giving presents. We didn’t have a tree, we didn’t have Santa Claus, we only had a stable, symbolizing the birth of Jesus, which now means to me the birth of the flame of true unconditional love on this earth, the opening of our hearts.
    And then in later years there was the American influence: glamour and glitter and presents, the more the better. And overeating, the more the better.
    I have never liked that.
    All these presents have nothing to do with giving from the heart. It has to do with stroking our own ego: how great we are giving so much to others. We are the best! And it has to do with ‘worshipping the golden calf’.
    Does anyone want to listen to such opinions? Of course not. Let’s not let go of our illusion that all the glitter and the glamour are the real thing. What’s love got to do with it? We are enjoying ourselves sooooo much!
    This last few weeks I posted some ‘poems’ at PM’s board. My way of expressing myself. I will try to share them with you here, but I don’t know how long a reply can be, so I will make a second reply.

  3. This one is about Sinterklaas:

    In the night he comes and goes
    The one who gives right from his heart
    By doing that he shows
    Us not to share for being smart
    He shows us how to truly share
    Remembering where it all began
    Sharing because we truly care
    Remembering we are all one

    And these are about Christmas:

    Astrum novum, a new born star
    It’s shining bright, but it’s so far
    It beckons me, come closer dear
    You were searching for, you will find it here
    I followed the path, but it wasn’t clear
    I struggled and got lost, but now I’m near
    The star is there, and it’s true love
    I am so afraid, I am unworthy of
    A voice inside tells me from the past to part
    Now do I dare to open up my heart?

    Peace and love, it sounds okay
    I will never know, why people stay
    In the mood to denigrate and kill
    Each other, as if it is such a thrill
    Making money as much as you can
    At the spite of others, they are less than
    You, so why would you care
    What happens to them, they have no flair
    Survival of the fittest it may be
    Why can’t we set ourselves to be free
    And work together sharing love
    Shouldn’t that be all we should think of?

    Falling into
    A pitfall so deep

    We give our gifts
    So we can sleep
    The sleep of the good
    We love to share
    We are the best
    Because we care

    But what’s our motive
    Do we give from the heart
    Or just to feel good
    A ‘true work of art’
    An ego trip
    But in disguise

    How long will we
    Keep crossed our eyes
    And fool ourselves
    With this kind of lies

    The eternal bliss
    We will enjoy
    Equal are the rich
    And ‘hoi polloi’

    No golden calf
    For worship it
    Even only a bit
    You’ll be living half


  4. There are 4 separate ‘Christmas poems’, starting lines:
    1. Astrum novum, a new born star
    2. Peace and love, it sounds okay
    3. Falling into
    4. The eternal bliss

    Wishing you to even further open your heart this Christmas.

  5. Thanks Frankie and you know what Els…….you’ve given me one of the best Christmas presents EVER!

    To share your feelings and thoughts in poetry and something that you have created yourself with no money and from the heart is the greatest gift of all. It’s so true that the core of Christmas is intrinsically a good one but we’ve become far removed from what Christmas SHOULD be about. It’s a comic book version of its former self and a growing number of people (myself included) have become disillusioned by the entire process…..a line came into my head the other day suggesting that “I would love to follow the herd but I can’t bear to stand in other peoples s**t.”

    Anyhow there is a far more important event happening tomorrow night (21st Dec. 2010) it’s the winter equinox together with a solar eclipse of the Moon. A RED Moon and a very rare event by all accounts……Now that is worth celebrating!

    Thanks for sharing els!
    Lots of love……Urban Phil x

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