James Carling Back on the Streets!

Well it’s been a long cold winter but I’m assured that spring is on its way and the long warm summer days will be upon us as quick as a flash!…..

The one advantage of getting older is that time seems more condensed, as we physically slow down everything around us seems to quicken up. Time is of course an illusion; I was watching a programme the other night that claimed that our physical existence is nothing more than a hologram! We are living in a holographic 2D universe…..a projection from the outer galaxies with multiple (hundreds & millions) me’s and you’s and ‘things’ all existing side by side in parallel worlds with different things happening to us…different fates if you will. Different versions of the SELF!!!
My brain hurts just thinking about it….but it’s all out there…apparently!!

And scientists are on the brink of a major discovery that going to change everything.

In the meantime I’d like to welcome you back to another day on planet earth and although I haven’t blogged for a while things have been really busy.

Urban Phil on the BBC Big Screen, Manchester 24th Jan 2011

Urban Phil on the BBC Big Screen, Manchester 24th Jan 2011

This week we took a trip down to Manchester to catch a glimpse of our James Carling film on the BBC Big Screen. It was cold and dismal but seeing it up there on a 20ft tv screen warmed the cockle of our hearts. There is something quite exciting about it….my ‘Bladerunner’ moment. Big Brother is watching you…literary!!

The James Carling Competition on the BBC Big Screen

The James Carling Competition on the BBC Big Screen

The screen is situated in Exchange square…smack bang in the centre of this great metropolis, couldn’t have chosen a better spot. Its been shown on a 2 hour loop since Christmas where thousands of shoppers and passers-by have seen it either consciously or sub-consciously.

But that’s not the point, the fact that street art and pavement painting is out there, has a profile is enough for me.

Hey ho….Summers on the way 🙂

LINKS: More foties of James Carling on the Big Screen

Join our new James Carling FACEBOOK Group for up-to-the-minute info about our 2011 comp!

Join our flickr group- Liverpool Chalk Circle to share pavement art images on-link

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