Down in the Lutyens Crypt!

Had a great day out last Friday (25th March 2011) at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool. It started with a kiss (from Catherine) and off we trotted for a three course lunch at The Piazza; the cathedral restaurant and welcome centre and then we had a guided tour of the crypt……The famous ‘Lutyens Crypt’ of the cathedral. In fact it’s really the crypt of another cathedral that was never built.

Starburst Window in the Lutyens Crypt- 3D

Starburst Window in the Lutyens Crypt- 3D

In the 1930’s architect Sir Edwin Lutyens designed a cathedral for Liverpool. The foundation stone was laid in 1933, with work being held up by World War II. Work restarted in 1958 when the crypt was roofed and completed. By then the costs of building what would have been the world’s largest cathedral had increased to sky high proportions and plans were abandoned. The present Metropolitan Cathedral (Paddy’s Wigwam) replaced the project and the rest is history.

Sean Rice sculpture in the Lutyans Crypt- 3D

Sean Rice sculpture (the false prophet) in the Lutyans Crypt- 3D

Even so the Lutyens crypt is one of the world’s largest cathedral crypts containing four large spaces, each holding between 300 and 700 people. It’s very much a ‘hidden’ gem of Liverpool and although I’ve lived here most of my life I’ve never visited the crypt until now!!

An impressive and remarkable remainder of the greatest building never built!!

Sean Rice Sculpture in Paddy's Wigwam- 3D

Sean Rice Sculpture (Abraham) in Paddy's Wigwam- 3D

The day was completely FREE and all courtesy of winning a runner up prize in last year’s Cathedral2Cathedral photographic competition. Many thanks to Mike McCartney (Judge) and Claire Hanlon for opening our eyes and giving us a great day out and second birthday present to my love..Catherine, who’s birthday it was the day before!!

Inside Paddy's Wigwam- 3D

Inside Paddy's Wigwam- 3D

Note: Anaglyph Red & Cyan glasses needed to view these photos in 3D

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One thought on “Down in the Lutyens Crypt!

  1. Brian O'Connell on said:

    Hello Philip, I enjoyed reading your blog today. My poem about Sean Rice (I was his postman in Walton back in the eighties) is on the Liverpool Monuments website along with some photos that I took at the time.
    Cheers, Brian

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