What a load of utter Pollocks!

Urban Action Painting- Camperdown Country Park, Dundee 2011
Urban Action Painting- Camperdown Country Park, Dundee 2011

We spent last weekend (Easter) 23rd-25th April in Scotland, taking part in the Easter celebration in Camperdown Country Park, Dundee. We love this part of the world and this year represents our 4th visit to Dundee. It’s so nice to travel north and the journey to Scotland is soo beautiful especially if you take the ‘scenic’ route off the M74 through BIGGAR on to EDINBURGH and over the FORTH ROAD BRIDGE to DUNDEE. With very little traffic on the road it’s like going back in time when driving used to be a pleasure, nobody to hassle you and the roads seem to go on forever. Not that I remember them times of course!

One of the great things about doing street art is of course the travelling, meeting new people in new places and from different cultures and backgrounds. I sometimes have to pinch myself into believing that I/we actually get paid to visit these wonderful places doing something that we really enjoy. But this has nothing to do with being ‘lucky’ of course; it’s more to do with following your dreams and NEVER giving up. NEVER listening to fools and idiots who will tell you; “you’ve got to know your limitations” or “You can’t do that because…”  WHY? Well actually, if you follow your dreams with a passion and belief you will certainly succeed and the people who continually ‘brow-beat’ and put you down because of it, will be left behind to wallow in ‘what could have been, if only…’   Life’s far too short for ‘what could have been..’ Live for the here & now and for the future, all moments exist at once. Everything and nothing matters simultaneously; so at the end of the day you have nothing to lose….go for it, follow your dreams…. forget the whimpering child and become the warrior!

Back to Camperdown Park and we were doing one of our ever popular URBAN ACTION PAINTING workshops…one of the common misconceptions about this is that action painting is just a matter of throwing paint around and “making a mess” of course nothing could be further from the truth. This is possibly one of our most disciplined and structured public art activities. Nothing is left to ‘chance’ and we certainly DON’T entertain the ‘making a mess’ philosophy.

In my opinion, the production of good action paintings requires a sound understanding of aesthetics, the ability to draw and understand composition and all in all be a f**king good artist! Nothing should be left to chance and every mark that is made on the canvas should have a purpose and intelligence behind it. The ‘untrained eye’ may mistake this for ‘making a mess’ but the more you study action painting the more you begin to understand the aesthetics and sheer skill behind a modern masterpiece. One of my favourite artists in this field is Jackson Pollock, a maverick and true innovator of his craft….every mark has an intelligence and integrity behind it. Action painting is perfectly suited to live ‘performance art’ it’s a physical act where the final outcome is determined by the procedures and movements of the ‘performance’ the process is as important as the finished art.

Now you would think that a lot of this stuff would go over people’s heads and people could accuse you of talking crap and ‘intellectualising’ the arts, but the funny thing is that most people ‘GET IT’ without even knowing why or understanding the philosophy behind it. You don’t really need to know that stuff to know what you like and people can generally see the difference good art and crap. The number of people loving the finished works and wanting to buy our action canvas’s at the end speaks volumes….of course we never sell them, they are for the moment and when we’ve done we simply take them home, wash them down and re-use the canvas’s for our next event……..

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