The Model Pavement Artist

It’s often been said that pavement artists live in a different world from the rest of society. Those rare, strange creatures who inhibit street corners, hunched over in the most peculiar of manners, painstakingly creating art for the passers-by, hours on end, only for the rain to come and wash the whole thing away.

Certainly, we all have a bit of craziness inside of us to do such a thing, and when we are creating art on the street, we do at times disappear into our own little worlds. Time stands still, and the outside world becomes little more than a blur as our focus and concentrations is poured into our latest creation. Of course, this ‘little world’ is generally of our own making, easily snapped out of at the first signs of rain or other such calamity.

But what if our LITTLE WORLD became A REAL WORLD?

The PREISER model Street Painters kit: HO Scale.

The PREISER model Street Painters kit: HO Scale.

Well now it has, because the German model company PREISER has produced the world’s first ever HO scale street painters, complete with passers-by, miniature bag of chalks, unfinished masterpiece pavement painting, and of course a scaled ‘hat’ for contributions. The nine piece set consists of six figures all painstakingly hand painted and moulded in plastic.

and this is how it looks when you set-it-up!

and this is how it looks when you set-it-up!

I got my set this morning!

PREISER–The world’s top manufacturer of miniature model figures, a family-outfit, Preiser are based near the German city of Nürnburg.  They manufacture in all major scales, including G Gauge (1:22.5 scale), O Gauge (1:43), HO Gauge (1:76), N Gauge (1:160) and Z Gauge (1:220).

Preiser have been producing finely painted (and unpainted) figures for many years. Their range includes model railway, war game and architectural scales. In addition they also manufacture figures in a variety of other scales for such interests as Military and Architectural modelling.

An attempt at creating a pavement art scene at HO scale before the Preiser kit.

An attempt at creating a pavement art scene at HO scale before the Preiser kit.

Pavement art has now become so popular that model railway enthusiasts have even tried to create their own pavement art scene on their model platforms, so this gave Preiser the brainwave to make the pavement art scenes commercially available. Now, 1000’s of these miniature Screevers kits have been sold around the world…….and whoever said our LITTLE WORLD WAS GETTING SMALLER!

You can purchase your own little screever kit from the GAUGEMASTER website!

Visit All My Own Work – My history of Pavement Art blog!

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6 thoughts on “The Model Pavement Artist

  1. haha i love the use of little people in photography and also i love the application of street art. i mean pavements are like dark canvas’ where we can display our creativity and our true selves. really let your imagination soar and your creativity flourish 🙂
    keep smiling

  2. I’m not really a pavement artist, but on some occasions like Halloween I’ll get out the chalk bucket and do something on the sidewalk. I’m surprised at how easy it is to attract an audience. It’s like performance art.

    • And thats exactly what it is……a performance, where the art takes the centre stage, and the artist becomes nothing more than a stage-hand!

      It’s a performance in slow motion that happens over many hours rather then minutes. And people take great pleasure in returning throughout the day to see how the ‘performance’ is coming along.

      Pavement art is addictive for this very reason……Happy Halloween 😉

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