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Me at the Albert Dock- 10th October 2010 (Hipstamatic Toy Camera)

Me at the Albert Dock- 10th October 2010 (Hipstamatic Toy Camera)

Philip Battle.

I’m a 53-year-old visual artist who has something to say…….exactly what I say I’m unsure about, and whether anybody would be interested in reading my muses is debatable but one thing is certain….I’m a compulsive communicator who needs to say stuff even if it means talking to myself all day. I’m a phone-a-phobic who believes it’s healthy to have a dialog with oneself 🙂

I’ve spent my entire life trying to make sense of it all and the truth is as the song goes….” The further one travels the less one knows”

I live with my partner Catherine and a cat called Rosie, in LIVERPOOL, UK….. the creative centre of the universe!

I along with Catherine run a company called UrbanCanvas providing visual art projects for festivals and events.

I enjoy traveling, cycling, art, photography, reading and writing…….

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Philip and catherine, It’s Stacey the chalk artist here.
    Lovely blog you have going on, liking the breakfast creations. So what’s on the creative menu for 2010, let me know if there’s any more artistic endeavours that you need hands for.

    here’s my new portfolio if you’re bored and fancy a rummage


    Take it easy and look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Paul Cain on said:

    Phil do you have any articles or links to making your own pastels on your site? I’ve sourced some good recipes which use cheap fillers and binders – but pigments are a problem, they make the enterprise more expensive than buying my own. Would you recommend any cost effective alternatives to the Cornelissen pigments which wouldn’t compromise quality?

    • Hi Paul,
      I am a street artist/pastel maker from the US.
      The recipes are simple and require little expense for the emulsion/binder, as you pointed out. The biggest problem is buying the pigments without breaking the bank. I agree that it seems expensive to purchase the pigments, but when it is all added up, it really is less expensive than purchasing commercial pastels. But you have to make an investment that will (in time) make it worthwhile.
      Perhaps you can gather a few others to go together on the bulk pigments, and make them together, a good time with friends…
      I have a small business here in California that supplies pastels to street artists and large format pastel painters.
      Check into the pigment houses, see what they offer… also check into the toxicity of the colours, as well as the environmental toxicities. Lead (of course!) but also cadmium, cobalt, and more can really be a problem to our health and the environment.
      Take care,

  3. Hi Phillip
    I would like to talk to you about the Breakout fanzine. This is to use a cover in a commercial coming up. Would you mind emailing me, or letting me know how I can contact you directly?
    Very best

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